Rule 5 Friday: Wheelchair Bound Woman Goes Through Security In Panties And Bra

Why, yes, she is pretty darned attractive, now that you ask

From News9 Oklahoma

A woman in a wheelchair at Oklahoma City’s Will Rogers World Airport tried to go through security wearing only a bra and panties.

John Maringouin was at the airport and posted a video on YouTube of the woman trying to get through security after she was pulled aside with her dog in her lap.

According to airport spokeswoman Karen Carney, 52-year-old Dr. Tammy Banovac arrived at the airport on Tuesday wearing a coat and was in a wheelchair. When she reached security, she took off the coat revealing her scantily clad figure.

Carney said Banovac wouldn’t go through the metal detector, so she had to go through an advanced search that included a pat-down.

Banovac told airport screeners, she stripped down because of a bad screening experience, where she felt violated.

She wasn’t allowed to proceed through on Tuesday, because screening caught some sort of residue, that could have come from medicines. Wednesday, she did the same thing, and made it through. Here’s a follow-up story with an interview.

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6 Responses to “Rule 5 Friday: Wheelchair Bound Woman Goes Through Security In Panties And Bra”

  1. David says:

    Does anyone really think that this is security?? When are we going to confront the issue that we are at war with a religion and leave the rest of us alone??

    As to the woman, I am not sure why she in in a wheelchair. She still has considerable muscle tone in her legs. On the other hand, she is attached to a foley. She is also as high as a kite.

  2. Yeah, nothing really says why she is in a wheelchair, other than unnamed injuries.

    What I’m waiting for is a Muslim to make a complaint or some stunt. Notice how there has not been an issue yet? It’s almost like the TSA is handing them with kid gloves.

  3. captainfish says:

    EXACTLY Teach!! Haven’t heard a peep from the Muslim religion on being offended by touches from another sex, or being forced to disrobe the women, or… whatever. interesting.

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