Sen. Sherrod Brown Now Blames Green Energy Stimulus Fail On……China!

Let’s spin the Wheel Of Blame

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) is warning that Chinese trade practices in growing markets for renewable energy components could undermine the goals of U.S. energy spending in the big 2009 stimulus law.

“They absolutely can,” Brown said in an interview broadcast Sunday. The 2009 stimulus law steered tens of billions of dollars into various energy efficiency and “clean energy” programs to help boost U.S. development.

There must be some sort of explanation for this, other than just rampant stupidity and avoidance of responsibility

Brown is among several senators backing the United Steelworkers’ push for the U.S. to bring a WTO case against China over its energy trade practices.

Ah. The unions. We should have known. Still and all, the Stimulus dumped tens of billions of dollars into creating so-called green jobs, which they cannot even define what they actually are. But, hey, instead of creating them, they are going to talk about them. Oh, they’ll train a few people, who then come to realize that there aren’t actually many green jobs available.

And then there are issues such as legislating away standard incandescent light bulbs, mandating the use of compact fluorescent light bulbs. And the country that manufactures the majority? If you answered “China“, take an early morning shot.

Of course, how can you create sustainable green jobs when the same people calling for them refuse to let the projects go forward? They’re all for using wind power, right up to the point where someone wants to actually build the windmills, because they might kill a bird or two. They’re all for solar, until the solar farm wants to run a transmission line to the consumers. The line might annoy a lizard or snake. Hydro-electric is great, until they block the projects because a fish might have to change its behavior. And building electric cars are great……for everyone else. They need their big SUVs to get around and do their errands.

Next up? Your vacuum cleaner and other appliances. Maybe Sherrod Brown can sponsor legislation to provide subsidies to those who buy vacuums that work like they were made in 1960, and when no one buys them, blame someone else.

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11 Responses to “Sen. Sherrod Brown Now Blames Green Energy Stimulus Fail On……China!”

  1. john says:

    Teach you always sound a bit jealous of the people who have bigger SUVs than you do. Why not just go out and buy yourself a Caddy Escalade or like most of the uber wealthy do :EASE one and thus take a huge tax write off

  2. Otter says:

    Yo, ‘lil LIAR! Turn off the AC in your truck. For that matter, turn off your truck and walk away from it. Then shut off your computer and the electricity to your rental apartment. Reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible!

  3. captainfish says:

    John, what does that have to do at all with Teach’s sarcasm at the Left’s use of SUV’s and their declaration that the regular people shouldn’t??

    Teach, I like this part from that “vacuum” article you linked:…
    “Modern technology has delivered a solution to this pesky problem of consumers not doing as they’re told. In last year’s $814 billion stimulus package, President Obama poured 3.4 billion tax dollars into subsidies for “smart grid” projects designed to centralize control over major appliances that use electricity. The program, of course, is marketed as an advance that will deliver new options and savings to the consumer. The two-way communication underlying the concept, however, eventually will make it possible for big-ticket electrical items to be controlled remotely. In 1977, then-President Jimmy Carter called on every American “to lower the thermostat settings in all homes and buildings to no more than 65 degrees during the daytime and to a much lower setting at night.” Now the smart grid enables Big Brother to turn it down for you.

    Congress already has regulated light bulbs, toilets, shower heads and washing machines. It’s only a matter of time before it adopts Europe’s forthcoming ban on fully functional vacuum cleaners. ”

    To me, that’s the scariest part of all this. Loss of choice. Loss of liberty. Loss of freedoms. And now, loss of control.

  4. That’s a nice little non sequitur, John. In case you missed it a) I’m not a climate alarmist, and b) lots of climate alarmists refuse to give up their SUVs and/or big cars. But, hey, thanks for your concern, I’m quite satisfied with my Jeep Liberty. Exactly the size vehicle I wanted. Don’t want a large SUV, nor a big car.

    They very well try and do that, Captain. You’ll come home in the summer and it’ll be 80, and 60 in the winter. Of course, Obama jacks the thermostat up in the winter himself, around 78. That would make me nuts. I keep it at 68.

    An interesting part in that article is that if you make the appliances less power hungry, you often need to use the device much longer. Meaning more power used.

  5. captainfish says:

    Teach, David, Otter, … remember the days when V8s were standard engine sizes? Remember when V6s were the option? Remember when V8s were bought because of their power and ability to do what you wanted when you wanted?

    Nowadays, very few lines carry V8s. And if they do, they tend to be small. One has to go to large, very large work trucks to find a comparable engine.

    I had an International Harvester Scout 2 a while back. It had a 304V8 in it. Talk about perfect. Today’s same sized vehicles have L4’s. Terrible.

    Why can’t I have a choice? I know offering choices costs money, but sheesh. These CAFE rules are killing choice.

    CAFE needs to be repealed. That’s anti-business and should not be legal to tell a business what kind of product they must make.

  6. john says:

    Teach saying that greens are against some projects makes about as much sense as saying that the oil companies killed the electric car. A fringe type straw man that can easily be attacked. AND GORE IS FAT TOO !

  7. Otter says:

    Yes, ;lil johnny. Like when those Greens opposed efforts to repair the levees in New Orleans, in fact held them up long enough that Category 3 Katrina washed them right out.

    Is that the kind of projects you are speaking of, ‘lil johnny?

  8. Yet, they are, John. Barbara Boxer and Diane Fienstein have worked hard to kill a solar project in the Mohave Desert, along with other environmentalists. Ted Kennedy and environmentalists worked for 10 years to kill the Cape Wind Project. Environmentalists blocked a transmission line from a solar plant outside LA. Greenies are constantly protesting hydroelectric dams around the world.

    Oh, look, here are some enviroweenies protesting wind farms.

  9. captainfish says:

    Heck Teach, I’m not an enviroweanie and I’ll protest wind farms. Complete waste of tax payer monies. And those subsidies should be made illegal. Isn’t that preferential treatment?

  10. captainfish says:

    And a 1 and a 2 and a 3 and a…….

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