If Everyone Thinks O’Donnell Is Going To Lose, Then Why Are So Many Haters Discussing Her?

Seriously, all we are hearing from the haters on the Left and the Right is that Christine O’Donnell is going to get waxed come November 2nd. I might point out that if Obama could win the presidency, anything can happen. But, I digress. If all the haters (seeeeexists?) believe that, then why are they out there bad mouthing her personally, digging up dirt, whining about how she can’t win? It’s bad enough when Lefties do it, but, I can understand why: that is their normal operating mode: the politics of personal destruction.

You supposed Republicans/Conservatives, though, you, I don’t get. Is this the way we act? If you do not like O’Donnell, fine, how about just keeping your yaps shut and/or writing nothing about her? Is it too much to ask in supporting the cause? Had Castle won, most Conservatives would have said “fine, we don’t like it, but, we’ll, if not overtly support him, at least back him, and leave the negativity alone till the election is over.” You folks, though, are working your asses off to make sure she can’t win. If Castle had won, you would have shriekingly demanded that everyone now support Castle. Take you own advice, and don’t fuck the cause up.

At the moment, Coons is beating O’Donnell in the polls. The election is a month an a half away. Instead of getting all wishy washy and woe is us, how about backing the candidate that the Republican voters of Delaware picked. Stop being candy asses. However, with the NRSC reversing itself and backing O’Donnell, those polls could change quickly. And, don’t forget, polls are only as good as turnout, and Democrat voters are demoralized. If you candy ass haters would stop badmouthing her, you could help.

I’ve seen some of you candy asses whining about the anti-masturbation video O’Donnell was in almost 15 years ago. Seriously, get over yourselves. As for you libs, funny how the whole “my body my choice” disappears pretty quickly, eh?

Castle is being a typical sore loser establishment Republican, like many of his supporters. BTW, if you are not a resident of Delaware, what the fuck is it to you?

Mitt Romney, a Massachusetts Conservative (meaning barely one at all), is backing O’Donnell. How about if all you O’Donnell haters get off your asses and do the same, and stop acting like petulant, unhinged liberal moonbats?

As Rush Limbaugh said today (via Michelle Malkin) “If 51 seats is so important, let’s go balls to the wall” for O’Donnell.

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5 Responses to “If Everyone Thinks O’Donnell Is Going To Lose, Then Why Are So Many Haters Discussing Her?”

  1. captainfish says:

    Hey, if its ok with the Libs and Independents to vote for Obama just because he was black or it was a historic vote, then can people vote for O’Donnell because she’s hot?

  2. john says:

    Teach do you think she will win in Nov ? Ho I do not and will state so clearly here. She will lose. And anyone who really thinks otherwise could make a lot lot money by betting on her on Intrade.com As for your “why are those haters being so mean” Teach this is just the beginning: a lot whole more is going to come out. She has given the state of DE to the Dems

  3. captainfish says:

    John, since you are so good at predicting global warming and decreasing arctic ice floes, I am certain your predictions that she HAS given the state to the DEMS, a seat long held by Repubs for decades of course, ruining any chance of any Conservative movement ever again.

  4. David says:

    Have you seen what her “Republican” opponent is doing to her now? Also, he has contacted Obama and the Dems and obtained their moral support. It is a good thing that the people of Delaware did not elect that jerk.

  5. captainfish says:

    No? Gotta link David?

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