Snap! EPA To Issue CO2 Guidance Soon

Many states are already fighting this, but, hey, nothing like the Environmental Protection Agency regulating a gas necessary to life

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will issue guidance soon that states and polluters may use to implement the agency’s new greenhouse-gas regulations, Administrator Lisa Jackson said.

The guidelines will ensure that complying with the rules “is practical and is manageable,” Jackson said today at a conference in Washington celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Clean Air Act.

And, yes, the Senate does consider this preemption of the legislative branch

The EPA is using the 1970 law to establish national limits on carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases implicated in climate change. The first phase is set to start Jan. 2. Lawmakers led by Senator Jay Rockefeller, a West Virginia Democrat, want to postpone EPA action, saying the rules will hurt businesses and consumers grappling with a sluggish economy.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, said today that he would schedule a vote on Rockefeller’s bill “before we leave here.”

Rockefeller is “aggressively pursuing” a two-year delay of the greenhouse-gas regulations for industrial sources such as power plants because “the unelected EPA” shouldn’t get ahead of Congress, Jamie Smith, the senator’s communications director, said in an e-mail.

Oh, come on, now, Obama is just trying to heal the planet and get the waters to recede.

We already see the people of California pushing Prop 23, which would suspend the job killing California AGW legislation till unemployment is below 5.5% in the state. And, oh, noes, global warming is killing the tomatoes!

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7 Responses to “Snap! EPA To Issue CO2 Guidance Soon”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Teach isn’t worried he still thinks that “global cooling” is just around the corner. I mean Britain just had the coldest August EVAH !! Common sense says that if it is cold in the Britain that month that global warming must just be a big hoax, done by those pointey headed scientists who don’t even believe in the Bible OH and arctic ice is now at its 3rd smallest in 30 years and may go to #2 on the all time list !!
    Teach Wired magazine has a pretty good article about the clash between common sense and science. Perhaps you should read it.

  2. David says:

    Is something seriously wrong with you? You gave a reference to an article that had to do with the diminished ice in the Artic. The only problem is that the article indicated that the situation is not unique and has occured before, like before there was industrialization. Then you have an article interviewing a guy who clearly thinks that lesser humans such as ourselves are not competent to make decisions on science. Particularly when the consequences offered by politicians would kill our country.

    Now, I am a scientist and thus have an ability to make a decision about these affairs. At least, according to your reference, I am more qualified than yourself. I say that the data collected is tainted and that the reporting of the data is associated with aborration of the peer review process. So in the matter of AGW, that settles the problem, it likely does not exist.

    Let me show you something similar in medicine. That is the issue of cholesterol. Most doctors and scientist are certain that cholesterol causes heart disease. Yet it is now established that they were wrong and that the issue is one of little understood inflamation. Yet we still say you must be on a low cholesterol diet, even though there is no reason to do so and that you must take statins even though they don’t work. Why? Because the peer review process is broken and the people that control the release of information recieve money from big pharm. The same is true for AGW.

    One good way for liberals to save the earth is mass suicide. That would significantly reduce the number of CO2 producing units. But I don’t get the idea that you are that devoted to saving the earth.

  3. Otter says:

    Peer-reviewed science indicates that the North Pole was up to 10 Degrees WARMER during the last interglacial, ‘lil LIAR johnny. What do you suppose happened to your precious ice then?

    Other peer-reviewed science indicates that CO2 levels were as much as 20 times higher during a period when most of the Earth was wrapped in ice, ‘lil LIAR johnny. Why wasn’t the planet boiling away to nothing, eh?

  4. Otter says:

    Oh Tsk! NOAA is forced to pull back from Second-smallest ice extent claim:

  5. captainfish says:

    Can we now claim that the Democrats want to kill our children and flood our cities????

    If it works for them and they are ok with this kind of tactic, then it should be ok for the other side to use it.

    Here’s a question, is there any legal or Constitutional reason for anyone to be bound by Federal Departmental rules or guidelines???

    Aren’t people and states bound by LAWS? So, if EPA puts out a guidance, then … can we say.. “So what!”

    Or, are they just going to fall back on that 1970 law? Sounds like another thing 2011 Repubs need to tackle.

  6. David says:

    This is the way it works. I don’t think that you are truly obligated to follow a specific rule or regulation from the Feds. Unless you recieved money from them. Thus as a doctor, you get Medicare and fall under their tyranny. But the problem is that the Feds don’t care about the law in general. They will fine you. You will resist. They will seize your accounts. You will file suit. The suite will be resolved in 20 years. That is after it goes through several courts. Not even Bill Gates has the money to do what it takes to serve justic.

  7. captainfish says:

    True that David. Nothing like a tyranny-by-fiat.

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