Daily Archives: March 30, 2010

U Of Wyoming Disinvites Domestic Terrorist And Obama Pal Bill Ayers

Just wait for the left wing hysteria over freedom of speech in 3…2….1…. The University of Wyoming has canceled a speech by former 1960s radical William Ayers after it raised hundreds of objections from citizens and politicians over the man who became an issue in the 2008 presidential campaign. In a statement released by the […]

AGW Today: Lawsuits And Stupid Humans

What do you do when you can’t prove your “science”? Sue! Environmentalists, unable to squeeze “cap and trade” rules through the U.S. Senate, have a new strategy for combating what they believe is man-made global warming: They’re going to sue. They’re revving up their briefs and getting ready to shop for judges who will be […]

Waterfalls (20 Images)

Essential Zombie: Contrasting Left And Right Demonstrations

The must see pictorial of the day, Searchlight vs. Los Angeles.

Obama Looks To Ramp Up Partisan Attacks

Aww, poor President Neophyte. People are speaking out against his policies (which all seem to be outsourced to Congress) and, like a petulant 5 year old who doesn’t like others playing with his crayons, he is about to throw even more hissy fits. Waaaaaah-mbulance time! President Barack Obama, after a year of fitfully searching for […]

Muslim Students At Trinity U. Want “Year Of Our Lord” Removed From Diplomas

How quick will the ACLU jump in on this one, on the side of those who want the phrase removed? A group of students at Trinity University is lobbying trustees to drop a reference to “Our Lord” on their diplomas, arguing it does not respect the diversity of religions on campus. “A diploma is a […]

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