Daily Archives: March 17, 2010

Drone Wacks Key AQ Operative: Will ACLU Complain?

So, earlier we had the ACLU suing the federal government for wacking terrorists with drones. This must have sent them into apoplexy when they read it A Central Intelligence Agency drone strike last week killed a top al Qaeda trainer suspected of being involved in December’s suicide bombing that killed seven CIA officers at a […]

March Madness West Sweater Puppies! (16 Images)

AGW Today: What Say We Kill The Oceans To Stop AGW?

Just like so many other issues the enviro-extremists get their dirty claws in, such as refusing to allow clearing of brush, which then causes more massive wildfires, climate alarmist fixes are worse than the actual “problem” Fertilising the oceans with iron to absorb carbon dioxide could increase concentrations of a chemical that can kill marine […]

Pelosi Whines About Process Over Substance (Plus St. Paddy’s Pinups)

Apparently, Queen Nancy was nipping at the green beer a day early Democrats are considering using a complicated process to avoid a direct vote on the Senate-passed bill, which is unpopular with House Democrats. Instead, they would declare the Senate bill passed once the House votes to approve changes it wants. Republicans said the strategy […]

ACLU Sues Government Over Use Of Drones In War Zones

ACLU. American Civil Liberties Union. Really? Because it sure appears that they are (still) doing everything possible to not only protect Islamic jihadis, but, to make sure they have the information necessary in order to not be captured and killed by the US government. In my mind, this would be the very definition of “giving […]

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