Daily Archives: March 3, 2010

Zombies Won’t Find Me Here (20 Images)

Excitable Lefties: Democracy And Elections Are Bad

Liberals are funny: first they call for “Direct Democracy,” then they whine that people are freakin’ voting for weird offices. Starting off, one of Andrew Sullivan’s sock puppets, er, fill in’s, whines about having to engage in voting! Yesterday was election day in Texas, and I voted.  And I voted.  And then I voted some […]

Woops! 2001-2010 The Snowiest Decade

Anthony Watts catches an interesting study Now that we have reached the end of the meteorological winter (December-February,) Rutgers University Global Snow Lab numbers (1967-2010) show that the just completed decade (2001-2010) had the snowiest Northern Hemisphere winters on record.  The just completed winter was also the second snowiest on record, exceeded only by 1978. […]

Palin Wows! Them On The Tonight Show

When it comes to Sarah Palin, much like George Bush and Ronald Reagan, people either lover her or hate her. It appears as if the the regular folks out in Los Angeles love her Sarah Palin popped up on Jay Leno’s revived NBC “Tonight Show” tonight and poked a little fun at herself by writing […]

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