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ObaSocialist Care Is “Just Like Christmas”

Gotta love this one that is making the rounds, saw it this morning after I had already written a few posts for the day and was checking the local news. Exemplifies the entitlement mentality of the Left perfectly Uninsured Triangle residents said Monday that they eagerly await the overhaul of the nation’s health care system. […]

This Should End Well (1 Image)

Yes, there is a story to go with that.

Great Moments In Government Run Health Care (Part Gagillion*)

A taste of things to come A prize draw which rewarded ambulance crews for referring patients to a GP instead of taking them to hospital has been abandoned following complaints from doctors and patients. Bins that are only emptied every two weeks should be treated as “health hazards” that could easily pass on E.coli and […]

Aside: Traveling In The New Era Of ObamaCare

Gay Patriot: Traveling In The New Era Of ObamaCare

Aside: Had Enough? Fight Back!

No Sheeples Here: Had Enought? Fight Back!

Aside: VIDEO: Why the Stimulus Isn’t Working

The Other McCain: VIDEO: Why the Stimulus Isn’t Working

Aside: I want my Utopia, and I want it NOW!!!

POWIP: I want my Utopia, and I want it NOW!!!

Guess What A Democrat Will Introduce For Health Care?

Nice Deb: CA Rep Introducing New Legislation to add “Robust Public Option”

John Kerry’s “Kindler, Gentler GWOT” Finally Sees The Light Of Day

We’re not quite at the stage of dropping poodles and bleeding ketchup, but, getting there! Reporting from the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower At the nightly “hot wash” debriefing on the Dwight D. Eisenhower, a pilot from the Pukin’ Dogs squadron was explaining how he dropped a 500-pound bomb on a Taliban target in Afghanistan — […]

NY Times Upset That Debate Rages On When It Should Be Done

Somebody get a waaaaah-mbulance for the Fish Wrap Health Vote Is Done, but Partisan Debate Rages On As jubilant Democrats prepared for President Obama to sign their landmark health care legislation in a big ceremony at the White House, Republicans opened a campaign on Monday to repeal the legislation and to use it as a […]

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