Daily Archives: March 12, 2010

Disgraced Former Fish Wrap Executive Editor Whines About Fox News

This is seriously too funny, a great way to pick up what was not the best of days at work. You remember Howell Raines, right? He’s the guy who had to resign in disgrace as Executive Editor of the NY Times in the wake of the Jason Blair scandal. Now, he whines in the Washington […]

Friday Sexism, Or, How Quick Do These Get Wacked From Photobucket? (19 Images)

Do Democrats Understand How An Economy Works?

I was hoping to go with a bit of lighter fare, a funny story about a guy bringing a barstool to a gunfight (guess who wins), alas, two other stories caught my eye, and highlight how clueless and inept Democrats are regarding jobs and the economy. Let’s start with The Cluelessness Of Obama President Obama […]

Obama’s Indonesia Trip Timing Questioned

At first blush, I looked at the headline of this story (Timing of Obama Indonesia Trip Questioned) and thought “come on, give me a break. Presidents go on international trips. Lighten up.” Then I read the substance, and, while I do not really question the timing (seriously, does it matter if Obama is here or […]

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