Disgraced Former Fish Wrap Executive Editor Whines About Fox News

This is seriously too funny, a great way to pick up what was not the best of days at work. You remember Howell Raines, right? He’s the guy who had to resign in disgrace as Executive Editor of the NY Times in the wake of the Jason Blair scandal. Now, he whines in the Washington Post

One question has tugged at my professional conscience throughout the year-long congressional debate over health-care reform, and it has nothing to do with the public option, portability or medical malpractice. It is this: Why haven’t America’s old-school news organizations blown the whistle on Roger Ailes, chief of Fox News, for using the network to conduct a propaganda campaign against the Obama administration — a campaign without precedent in our modern political history?

Hey, Roger: remember old school journalist Dan Rather and the fake report? Two more words: Jason Blair. Where were you, Roger, when the old school news organizations were acting as propaganda arms for Obama? What’s the count, something like 300 liberal rags to every conservative leaning newspaper? 40-1 for liberal to conservative with magazines? CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, NPR, and CNN vs. Fox News? The only place we dominate is radio, and that is strictly opinion. Really, the only response necessary to Roger is


Interestingly, Mr. Raines, Fox leads in the public trust among news stations. How ’bout dat?

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