Daily Archives: March 13, 2010

Say, How’d Those Coffee Party’s Go?

Ok, Ok, they are just getting started, but, really, does anyone think this is going to be more than some lefties being organized to sit around and drink coffee? I sincerely hope they go decaf: last thing we need is deranged liberals still spouting on about Booooooosh, Iraq, blah blah blah, while caffeinating up in […]

Help Obama Escape Gitmo And Bush’s Eeeeeevil Plans!

One of my favorite on-line distractions is playing “room escape” games (best starting site is Escape Games 24). Imagine my surprise when I ran across this typical piece of leftists wackadoodle insanity Just move on, lefties, just move on. I understand Prozac helps many of you adjust to rational, adult society, and reduces the amount […]

Aside: Dan Riehl Brings The Pain

Riehl World View: Isn’t It Time To Euthanize Harry Reid’s Wife?

Latest AGW Scaremongering: Harms Women The Most, Causes STDs

Like I, and so many others, have stated, as we run into the warm season in the Northern Hemisphere, the Climahysterics start emerging from their burrows like so many hibernating skunks (the comparison might not be fair to the skunks), and we end up with UNITED NATIONS, Mar 9 (IPS/TerraViva) – The negative fallout from […]

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