Daily Archives: March 18, 2010

Dems Vote For Slaughter, Against Our Constitution (Lilly Allen Provides The Democrat Explanation)

I guess this is what they consider an “up or down vote” (via Michelle Malkin, who has the vote count) Democrats shot down a Republican effort to force an up-or-down vote on the Senate healthcare bill on Thursday afternoon. In a 222-203 vote, Democrats beat back a GOP resolution offered by Democrat-turned-Republican Rep. Parker Griffith […]

March Madness East Region Sweater Puppies (16 Images)

Woah! AP Fact Checks Obama On Health Premiums, Says “Liar!”

I wonder if the White House will now start assaulting the Associated Press for daring to stand up and say “liar!” Buyers, beware: President Barack Obama says his health care overhaul will lower premiums by double digits, but check the fine print. Premiums are likely to keep going up even if the health care bill […]

Exotic Vacation Spot Of Cancun Will Host Next UN Climate Alarmist Meeting

If you thought “hey, maybe they will do it in someplace boring, which could use an economic lift, and wouldn’t show that the UN uses these conferences as taxpayer funded vacations,” well, no Thirsty Thursday for you! Government negotiators are already writing off chances for a global treaty to fight climate change, nine months before […]

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