Daily Archives: March 22, 2010

Dammmmmn! A Guy Was Murdered Up The Road

This was on my way home, right outside my complex A shooting killed one person and wounded another Sunday evening at the intersection of Skycrest Drive and Southall Road, the Wake County Sheriff’s Office reported this morning. Both victims were taken to WakeMed where Nigel J. Ellison was pronounced dead, acording to the sheriff’s office. […]

Hey, Dave Plouffe, Let Me Fix That Email

Well, this didn’t take long to get the astroturfing and lies out William — President Barack Obama will soon sign comprehensive health care reform into law. A century-long fight will finally be won. On a completely partisan vote tally. As the President wrote last night, it was you who made this improbable victory possible. It […]

Let’s Get Outside And Have Fun! (20 Images)

Slick Willie Busts On The Goracle

Heartache! Former President Bill Clinton made a return to Washington’s public life, speaking to the annual Gridiron Dinner as a stand-in for President Barack Obama and poking some fun at himself, his Oval Office successors and the press corps before getting in pitches for passage of health legislation and aid to Haiti. Elsewhere in his […]

So, Obasocialist Care Passed. What Next?

First, the supporters, also known as Constitution and freedom haters, most of whom do not even understand the legislation (including those Congress people who voted for it,) will get to gloat a bit. Fine. You won. Barely. I’m not quite sure how one can call a 219-212 vote a victory, when the bipartisanship was on […]

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