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Rule 5: Nanny State Suspends 12 Year Old For Dealing Potato Chips

Yes, really A schoolboy has been suspended for ‘crisp dealing’ at a school which has banned fatty drinks and snacks. In sign of pupil disgruntlement over school meal reforms spearheaded by TV chef Jamie Oliver, 12-year-old Joel Bradley was caught allegedly selling a packet of Discos at a marked-up price of 50p. He was suspended […]

Shocker! Climahysteric Protesters Turn Violent In Copenhagen

Is anyone really surprised? More than 600 people have been arrested at a demonstration against climate change in Copenhagen today. What started as a peaceful demonstration calling for action on climate change, descended into rioting as hundreds of masked youths threw bricks and smashed windows in the Danish capital. Police in riot gear arrested between […]

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Democrats: Plans Will Reduce Health Cost. Obama’s HHS: Um, No

I have a feeling that a few folks are going to be called to the White House for a little sit down dressing down shortly Democrats trying to push President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul plan through the Senate got a sober warning Friday that costs will keep going up and proposed Medicare savings may […]

cBS Wants Palin To Debate The Goracle On AGW

Well, at least they want Al Gore to debate somebody. Charles Cooper at cBS tries to get it on Don King, are you listening? And if the world’s most hair-raising promoter won’t take this one on, then I officially volunteer to set it up. (snip) We’re heard it all before from Gore. Same goes for […]

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