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Many Lefties BeClown Themselves Over Terrorist Attacks

There’s not much in the blogosphere I like more than a port sider making a fool of themselves, and, with liberals, it happens quite a bit. So, alas, can only discuss force 8 or higher (on a scale of 10) moonbattery and beclowing. In this case, Think Progress starts it off (via Legal Insurrection) Hoekstra […]

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Fish Wrap: Debate Shows Obama’s Pretty Much Politics As Usual

The NY Times attempts to pretty much tell us, oh so gently, that Hope-n-change was pretty much all mule fritters, and Obama is nothing more than a typical inside the beltway politician. Were Obama a Republican, the Times would excoriate him for having run as a transformational figure who would do away with all the […]

DU Today: Why Do We Need Private Insurers? Off With Their Heads!

Hey, look, DUmmies telling the truth! Lerkfish: THERE IS NO NEED FOR PRIVATE INSURERS TO EXIST if we had socialized medicine they would be irrelevant. That is what they fear, and why they spend billions influencing legislation. Let the fun and games begin! IF OUR NATION HAD ACTED RESPONSIBLY HISTORICALLY NO INSURANCE INDUSTRY WOULD BE […]

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