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Avatar – The Review

So, I was bored this afternoon, chores done (except for a haircut), presents rapped, house clean. Movie time! I decided “what the heck, I’ll give Avatar a whirl.” Matinee rate of $9.25 for a 3-D movie. $10 for some darned good popcorn and a coke (I went to a different theater than usual. Screen was […]

It Must Be Monday (20 Images)

Kids Write Letters To Jesus

A happy story for a pre-Christmas Monday Children all over the world write letters to Santa Claus asking for presents, but Hope Baldwin, a fifth-grader at St. Monica School, has a reminder for them. “We get gifts on Christmas, on Jesus’ birthday, to remind us what a gift he was to us,” said Hope, 10, […]

Deep In Health Bill, Very Specific Bribes

Y’all remember William “Cold Cash” Jefferson? Do you remember what happened? A private individual promised to give him $400K if Jefferson would help a high tech company called iGate by persuading the Army to test iGate’s products, as well as attempt to influence officials in 3 countries. He was caught on tape taking $100K. Obviously, […]

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