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50% Now Say Climate Alarmists Are Full Of It

The climate alarmists are really not going to like this new Rasmussen poll, will probably throw around their normal smears about Rasmussen being in the pay of Big Oil and Big Corp and Big whatever Public skepticism about the officially promoted cause of global warming has reached an all-time high among Americans. A new Rasmussen […]

Defending GOProud At CPAC

Apparently, there was a little kerfuffle yesterday regarding GOProud, a new Conservative homosexual group, being a sponsor of CPAC. Some social Conservatives, led by anti-gay Matt Barber and the Liberty Counsel, want them excluded, or they will boycott CPAC. As Gabriel Malor writes, let them! CPAC responded CPAC is a coalition of nearly 100 conservative […]

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Russians Say CRU Manipulated Data

Now why would the CRU do that? Certainly, it couldn’t have anything to do with money, power, and prestige, right?ClimateGate just got worse for the alarmists, no matter how much they want to ignore the issue or throw things like the 4 year olds liberals tend to emulate, via The Telegraph Climategate just got much, […]

Obama DOJ Tells Lawyers In New Black Panther Case To Not Cooperate

Hmmmm, just imagine George Bush was still president. How would this kind of news be received? Would it be splashed all over the leading U.S. papers, rather than pretty much in a sole outlet, the Washington Times? In fact, it seems that the Washington Times is the only one that is even following the story, […]

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