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Iran’s Burning Yet Again

I wonder if our supposed peace lovin’, freedom for all, human rights matter (except when it is inconvenient for Socialist positions) administration will take notice, and whose side they will take? Security forces and militiamen clashed with thousands of protesters shouting “death to the dictator” outside Tehran University on Monday, beating them with batons and […]

The Zombies Still Won’t Get Me. They’ll Be To Confused (22 Images)

December 7, 1941. 7.48am Hawaii Time

68 years ago, at this time, the air attack on Pearl Harbor began.

Are Wireless Phones The Next Liberal Bugaboo?

The Fish Wrap Of Record has a  long, long, long story, which appears on the front page of today’s edition, about the dangers of driving and wireless phones. There is also quite a bit of information regarding the profits (which, we all know are EVIL in Liberal World) that the industry makes. Is this just […]

Copenhagen Climahypocricy Opens Today. No Limo’s Available

Climahysterics are showing their true climahypocricy, just like they have done at so many of the other conferences, like when they visited the exotic vacation spot of Bali, and had to dead head (no passengers) their private jets to other islands because there were no parking spots left. So, not only are the ladies of […]

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