DU Today: Why Do We Need Private Insurers? Off With Their Heads!

Hey, look, DUmmies telling the truth!

Lerkfish: THERE IS NO NEED FOR PRIVATE INSURERS TO EXIST if we had socialized medicine they would be irrelevant. That is what they fear, and why they spend billions influencing legislation.

Let the fun and games begin!

  • From 1980 mostly Reaganomics. It’s finally working. If you make getting sick expensive enough, people will just die instead. (ah. It’s Reagan’s fault. Gotcha)
  • I realized that years ago… … that the GOP would rather have the middle class die before they could ever make a Social Security, or any type of insurance claim.
  • But we are led to believe the enemy of the American people is a group of terrorists living in a cave. It has been my contention that America’s real enemy is a cabal of fascists living right here.
  • Exactly. They are the main reason why our Health Care system is so expensive. They are for-profit, so from every dollar people pay for coverage, approx. one third of that goes to cover the overhead of a private industry. (Oh, noes, someone making money? Here’s something fun to do: ask a liberal business owner to give up most, or all, of their profits, and see how that convo goes. You just have to read the rest of comment 20. Laugh riot.)
  • Health insurance is a SCAM. We’d be MUCH better off without it.
  • Damn right we would. Needs to go the way of slavery and be illegal.
  • especially since they are just paper pushers who deny coverage and overcharge. It is BS I agree. (Medicare and Medicaid deny claims at a higher rate than private insurers.)
  • Absolutely I know many people whose lives have been ruined by having treatment delayed while attornies bickered over who would pay. (You know, those people could just pay for services rendered like with most things. Oh, wait, insurance is a way of trying to limit your out of pocket expenses. Hmmm.)
  • Of course There is no need for them to exist. I wish they didn’t. Millions wish we hadn’t built up such an unsustainable system. Maybe the pending legislation will shine the light onto the criminal nature of the insurance companies and will be the ‘beginning’ of the end for them. (Then we will have the government acting as the private insurer, and denying you)
  • Correct! Off with their heads! Maybe THEN they will shut up!

Well, goodness, I didn’t expect the DUmmies to go all Red Queen and stuff.

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5 Responses to “DU Today: Why Do We Need Private Insurers? Off With Their Heads!”

  1. TFMo says:

    Ask a liberal business owner

    And therein lies one of the most telling examples of liberal hypocrisy; NO business can be run by liberal standards. Unions have pretty much run the American auto industry, cities and states run under liberal auspices have the lowest graduation rates and the highest poverty levels, and all forms of government welfare, created and run by liberals, has turned into an economy-draining fiasco.

    That’s why I’m torn between laughing at or strangling liberals when they spout off that the free market hasn’t and can’t work; we haven’t had an actual free market system in God knows how long, if ever. A lot of largely useless regulations have strangled the economy, most of which were created by (you can probably guess) liberals.

    They cause the problem, then bitch about the problem, then claim they will save us from the problem they created by imposing a solution that’s even worse than the original problem.

    • It’s funny how, when you get to businesses run by libs, they try and shut out unions, have poor pay practices, and basically try and screw their employees. And they want every other company to pay taxes through the nose, just not themselves.

  2. StB says:

    These people seem too stupid to realize that buying insurance is an option; it is not mandatory until their party tries to make it so.

  3. TFMo says:

    That, and the government literally forcing you to purchase something is an open attack on the American people and our Constitution.

    In other news, I managed to redo the Lil’ O-Bama strip that should have been posted on Christmas! Point your clickities toward JBYP for some funny!

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