Sierra Club Pitches Hissy Fit At US Chamber Of Commerce Over Climate Trial

The Chamber has the Sierra Club running like the little Nancy girls all liberals are with their Climate Trial idea. The Sierra Club now has a petition calling for companies to resign their memberships in the Chamber if they do not drop the idea. This is the letter that will be sent (well, email, probably) to Chamber members as with the names of people who fill out the petition

Tell the US Chamber of Commerce To Stop Denying Global Warming

To US Chamber of Commerce Member Companies,

The US Chamber of Commerce is threatening to sue the EPA for accepting the overwhelming scientific evidence that climate change is real in an effort to put “the science of climate change on trial.”

The trial is over, case closed. I urge you, as a responsible member of the Chamber of Commerce, to demand that the Chamber drop this desperate tactic to protect polluting energy companies, publicly recognize that climate change is real and acknowledge that action needs to be taken.

Please tell the U.S. Chamber they need to speak for the majority of its members who support action on global warming, or your company will resign its membership.

You know the left is scared when they start with these dictatorial campaigns designed to shut down debate and silence dissenting voices.

In related news, the OC Register is taking the official position that the EPA should hold hearings, as called for by the Chamber, and hear all the arguments for and against the notion of anthropogenic global warming. If the EPA won’t, the OC Register approves of climate trials. They are also in favor of a massive discourse on the economy numbing legislation, both the national and the California versions. They are not thrilled, either, with what the EPA will soon do, namely, declare CO2 a dangerous pollutant, which could will lead to massive new, and costly, regulations.

Governor Gary Herbert (R-Utah) is going to host the “first legitimate debate into whether humans are causing “climate change.” Expect vicious things to be said about him, many, most likely, revolving around his religion, similar to what happened with Mitt Romney.


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  • Industry is beating the snot out of the AGW supporters, says The Washington Post.
  • The Goracle is being challenged over the accuracy of climate models. $20,000 is on the line 

And, to rap it up, a sad, sad story. What, exactly, is the point of watching women’s volleyball when the summer weather is abnormally cool and the women aren’t wearing those skimpy bikinis? Story has depressing photos. Sigh. Well, since it is going to be about 15-18 degrees below normal here in Raleigh….

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