Brad Miller Says No Town Halls After Life Threatened

So reports TPM and a few other sources

Rep. Brad Miller (D-NC) will not be hosting any town hall events this August — instead, he’s making himself available to constituents for one-on-one meetings about health care reform — and at least part of the reason is this: His offices have received threatening phone calls, including at least one direct threat against his life.

This ONE threat was supposedly reported to the Raleigh Capital Police, I am awaiting a response back from the RCP to ascertain whether or not this is true. Let’s postulate that it is, because there are always cranks out there.

But, wait, it gets better. Here’s a little something I missed when I read it this morning, hat tip to Blue Crab Boulevard

“We had no town hall events scheduled for the August recess anyway, but in light of everything that’s happened — we have received a threatening phone call in the D.C. office, there have been calls to the Raleigh office,” said Miller communications director LuAnn Canipe, in an interview with TPM. The threatening call in question happened earlier this week.

So, he wasn’t going to have them anyhow, but, hey, this is a good way to blame Conservatives Republicans American citizens for not wanting to see the health system destroyed. As a denizen of NC-13, Brad Miller’s district, let me tell you, this guy does almost nothing in public.

I did call his office this morning, and asked about setting up a one on one, they said they would get back to me, especially after I asked about this

(Communications director LuAnn) Canipe explained that Miller had no plans for a town hall before and won’t be holding any now, due to this event and the examples he’s already seen from the around the country: “Our point is, we’re not gonna be bullied into having a town hall so it can then be interrupted by the fake grassroots folks.”

I asked the staffers if Canipe had any actual proof. Lot’s of hemming and hawing at that one.

See more at Confederate Yankee and The Moderate Voice.

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3 Responses to “Brad Miller Says No Town Halls After Life Threatened”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Gee looks like the uber right are now the ones being arrested by the police instead of the uber left.

  2. Ogre says:

    And I’m sure Mr. Miller sees nothing wrong with being literally terrified of his own constituents.

  3. Are you sure the suspected person is on the right, John? Most likely yes, but, a lot of folks on the left are unhappy with the health system changes.

    He is used to having to never deal with his constituents

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