Washington Post Notices Potential Car Dealership Closures-Minority Ones

Of course, most in the blogosphere know about the issues with the closing of Republican car dealerships (best thing is to just start with Memeorandum, check with Michelle M., Gateway Pundit has a trifecta (here, here, then here) and definitely check this post from AJ Strata regarding a bipartisan call for the Obama admin to explain themselves), but, all of a sudden the Washington Posts notices something

Since the 1970s, General Motors has led the way in providing opportunities for minorities to own car dealerships. The automaker pioneered special training programs and put money behind candidates for new dealerships.

Now, after almost four decades of slow but steady progress, minority dealers are increasingly worried that the latest wave of GM cuts could erode any gains. As part of its latest restructuring, GM yesterday said it planned to slash about 2,600, or 40 percent, of its 6,200 dealerships. GM currently has about 240 minority dealers. (snip)

GM dealers see other bad signs. They point to GM’s decision to kill the Pontiac brand. Nearly a third of GM’s minority dealers sell Pontiacs, according to the National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers.

Since Obama is half white, can we call him a racist for potentially depriving these folks of their livelyhoods through his cronyist policies? How many (more) folks will Obama put out of work?

I wonder what the Office of Social Innovation will have to say about this? You read that right. (h/t The Other McCain for that, and a bit more at NPR audio)

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