Terminator Director Takes Blames For Bale Rant

Someone sounds like they are trying to keep an interest in the movie

The director, who uses the single name ‘McG’, told The Telegraph that it was his demand for perfection that triggered Bale’s expletive-laden rant at a crew member. “I’m to blame for the whole thing,” he said.

“In a great many ways this is a war movie so I’m on the set getting in Christian’s face saying, ‘You’d better get your —-ing s— together and you’d better fire up and make me believe your life is in danger, now get off your —-ing ass Christian and go and show me something.’

“Now that’s going to get him fired up in the spirit of creating a real life and death performance and that’s never meant to get outside that arena.”

Too bad it didn’t work, since most of Christian Bale’s emotion came during that rant. The rest of the time it seemed like he was going through the motions.

Meanwhile, how about some Megan Fox?

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4 Responses to “Terminator Director Takes Blames For Bale Rant”

  1. Duncan says:

    I like Bale. Jury is still out on McG. Perhaps if he stopped with the stupid three letter name and concentrated on not becoming a parody of an action movie director….

    Just went and saw Terminator:Salvation.

    My eleven word review. Better than the third, a little lacking from the first two.

    Sam Worthington most definitely stole the show from Bale, though I thought Bale did a decent job filling John Connors shoes. Unfortunately for Bale, his “Batman” voice has now become the only voice he can never use again in any other role. I need to rewatch that horrible movie Reign of Fire and see if his “Batman” voice is just his “action hero” voice or not.

    The biggest plot hole, out of many I found was, when SkyNet had Kyle Reese, why did it try to bring John Connor in to kill, when to kill Kyle Reese starts that whole “grandfather” paradox a rolling, or perhaps that is why they did not want to kill Reese, so that the paradox never starts, but that John Connor still dies. Bah, I hate all the plot problems time travel brings into the discussion.

    Regardless, I enjoyed the movie. Good action. Not as good as I was expecting but still worth seeing in the theater.

    Another plot problem now that I am thinking about it, I have to wonder how the Resistance was able to have other bases, large enough to support multi-engine aircraft, that weren’t hit or obliterated by SkyNet.

    And will somebody tell hollywood that just because you are a pilot, does not mean that you can hop into any aircraft and just fly it like its the only thing you do. A fixed wing pilot doesn’t always equate to a rotary wing pilot… sheesh…

    Not sure if they’ll try and make a fifth…


  2. See, I loved the 3rd, that one is my favorite.

    Glad you enjoyed it, and yeah, the thing was Kyle was weird. Skynet saw who it was, so, pulled him out of the line. Why not kill him right then and there?

    See, one of my big issues is that a massive nuclear war occured 14 years prior, yet, where is all the fallout? Where are all these weapons coming from for the resistance? Kyle was living in LA. I would have thought a city like that would have gotten plastered.

    I’m sure there will be a 5th. Hopefully better.

  3. Duncan says:

    My concern wasn’t so much with the fallout, because, and correct me if I am wrong, but Hiroshima and Nagasaki have people still living in them, but with the fact that the Resistance, and other surviving humans, looked so relatively well fed. I never got the desperation that there should have been from a species on the verge of being wiped out.

    And I had a question concerning the materiel as well, though I was less concerned with the weapons as I was with the aircraft. Guns are everywhere, especially if the Resistance were to get a hold of a military cache, but with the proper reloading equipment I see them having plenty of weapons. But the aircraft, not only with the maintenance, but everytime one crashes, well, I just don’t think that Bell, Boeing or Lockheed plants are pumping out, UH-1s, A-10s or C-130s any more.

    And you actually liked the 3rd one the best? Ahhh. It had Kristana Loken as the Terminatrix… I see where you are thinking here…

  4. Duncan says:

    One other thing.

    Right before SkyNet grabbed Kyle while they were getting herded towards whatever, did you notice what looked like a group of “people” looking down or standing behind a glazed-out window? Almost makes me wonder if they’re going down the road that perhaps there is a human element behind SkyNet…. know what I am saying… I just thought it odd there and was wondering if they were going to address it, and wondering if I saw it correctly…

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