Leftists Get Violent During IMF/World Bank Protest

Shocker, eh?

Two bank branches in Logan Circle sustained more than $110,000 in damage before dawn yesterday when at least 15 people dressed in black used bricks, hammers and sticks to smash windows, smearing red paint symbols that denounced the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, police said.

Compare this to the TEA Parties, which were poo poo’d by most in the Credentialed Media, but did not feature violence.

Security cameras in the 1400 block of P Street NW captured images of the vandals racing down the sidewalk at 5:20 a.m., residents said. As they went, they spilled red paint, which police say was later found streaked on the soles of several suspects’ shoes and on their clothes.

So, not only are they violent and destructive, but stupid, to boot. Six idiot leftists were arrested, who the police believe are part of the group which put together the protest.

(Saturday,) a two-hour demonstration through downtown ended near the IMF headquarters on 19th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue NW, where police tried to force the protesters off the street and then used pepper spray to disperse the crowd.

One protester was taken to a hospital with a splint on his leg. Dozens of others, along with a police officer, were treated at the scene for burning skin and eyes. A 22-year-old demonstrator was arrested after kicking a police officer who had fallen off a bicycle, police said.

Did the police have to pull out the pepper spray during the TEA Parties, and arrest anyone for kicking a cop? I didn’t think so.

Who were the little darlings? Why, they were part of Global Justice Action, or at least there because of GJA, which sponsored the protests, starting on Friday and going through today. The police ought to arrest the leaders, since they basically incited the violence

Saturday April 25th AM: Direct Actions – disrupt the start of the IMF/World Bank meetings with blockades and unpermitted marches

The Constitution does not give them the Right to protest violently, only peaceably. And it says quite a bit about a group that wants medics to come to their protests, doesn’t it?

Yesterday’s demonstrations were sometimes whimsical and sometimes threatening, with different splinter groups adopting different tactics.

About 8 a.m., a group of about 50 people marched in tank tops or spandex, doing fan kicks and arm curls while chanting “Kick out the capitalists!” and “Pump up the people power!”

Later, they joined with a group that had marched down Connecticut Avenue led by self-described anarchists. Members of that group dressed in black, and many wore hooded sweat shirts and bandannas over the mouths.

About 9:15 a.m., as they snaked down Pennsylvania Avenue past the IMF headquarters, chants turned darker. “No bailouts, no thanks! We’ll burn down your [expletive] banks!”

Again, compare that to the TEA Parties. Were the people “sometimes threatening?” Or being weirdo’s in spandex? Where they hiding their identities? Threatening violence to banks? BTW, that last bit about burning down the banks didn’t seem to make it into any other news source.

Now, these idiots may be a bit farther left then your average progressive, but this is what the left breeds: rude, crude, sometimes violent, often threatening, protests, which will sometimes go beyond the law, as they try and block streets and buildings, which are not part of the permits. The WP expects there to be some pretty good traffic backups in D.C. today, as well.

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2 Responses to “Leftists Get Violent During IMF/World Bank Protest”

  1. John Ryan says:

    well Teach I guess this is just the mirror image of the KKK and the other Nazis that are part of the rightwing.

  2. No, actually, John, Nazis and the KKK were linked more to left wing movements, and, the current neo-Nazi’s are massively far right, and we on the regular right disown them. You on the left never seem to disown your own kooks, even if they are really far out to the left. BTW, which party features a former KKK member?

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