Hamas The Humanitarians – Steal And Sell Aid

Hmm, I wonder why I’m not finding this story in the liberal Credentialed Media outlets: Hamas raids aid trucks, sells supplies

Hamas on Monday raided some 100 aid trucks that Israel had allowed into Gaza, stole their contents and sold them to the highest bidders.

The IDF said that since terminal activity is coordinated with UNRWA and the Red Cross, Israel could do nothing to prevent such raids, Israel Radio reported.

Between 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., the army had ceased all military activity in Gaza and once again established a “humanitarian corridor” to help facilitate the transfer of the supplies.

I’m not finding it on any UN or Red Cross website, either. Can’t imagine why. And virtually nothing on Google and Yahoo News. About the only other story was from YNET News

A number of reports from the Strip paint a picture of very difficult humanitarian conditions, not least because of Hamas itself. The suspicion is that the group’s operatives have seized control of any supplies passing through the crossings – including those sent by Israel and international organizations.

Reports say Hamas takes a cut out of all aid that arrives, including flour and medicine. Supplies intended to be distributed without gain among the population is seized by the group and sold to the residents, at a profit to the Hamas government.

One such incident was recorded Monday, when a convoy of trucks carrying supplies through the Kerem Shalom crossing was opened fire upon and seized by Hamas gunmen. Similar incidents occurred with trucks carrying fuel.  

It gets better

In other cases, civilians are simply used as cannon fodder or human shields. Reports out of Gaza say residents who attempted to flee their homes in the northern area of the Strip were forced to go back at gunpoint, by Hamas men.

And better

Other civilian complaints state that Hamas gunmen pull children along with them “by the ears” from place to place, fearing that if they don’t have a child with them they will be fair game to the IDF. Others hide in civilian homes and stairwells, UNRWA ambulances, and mosques.

So, do the Israel hating – Hamas supporting folks (primarily on the Left around the world) care to attempt to defend the actions? Go for it. Should be a hoot to read.

And don’t forget that Hamas has called for children to form a human shield, via The Jawa Report.

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3 Responses to “Hamas The Humanitarians – Steal And Sell Aid”

  1. Reasic says:

    Well, you see, there’s journalism, in which there is an effort to verify sources and stories, and there’s propaganda, which just gets blindly regurgitated, sans checking. This story looks to be an example of the latter. The only source seems to be the IDF, which is not known for providing the most accurate information about the conflict.

  2. John Ryan says:

    Teach Hamas is the duly elected government of Gaza. They have been in charge of distributing all of the aid that is allowed into Caza.

  3. Ah, of course, those Evil Jews taking advantage of the poor, helpless jihadis. Delusional much, guys?

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