How Israeli Planned To Kick Hamas’ Butts

Haaretz has a story up regarding the Israeli plans to beat the snot out of Hamas, which is driving sites such as Firedoglaketo their typical unhingedness (not to mention the claims of a mosque and jihadi TV station being hit. Poor babies). Let’s look. Disinformation, secrecy and lies: How the Gaza offensive came about

Long-term preparation, careful gathering of information, secret discussions, operational deception and the misleading of the public – all these stood behind the Israel Defense Forces “Cast Lead” operation against Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip, which began Saturday morning.

The disinformation effort, according to defense officials, took Hamas by surprise and served to significantly increase the number of its casualties in the strike.

Sources in the defense establishment said Defense Minister Ehud Barak instructed the Israel Defense Forces to prepare for the operation over six months ago, even as Israel was beginning to negotiate a ceasefire agreement with Hamas. According to the sources, Barak maintained that although the lull would allow Hamas to prepare for a showdown with Israel, the Israeli army needed time to prepare, as well. Barak gave orders to carry out a comprehensive intelligence-gathering drive which sought to map out Hamas’ security infrastructure, along with that of other militant organizations operating in the Strip.

Those bastachis’! How dare the military actually plan to beat the snot out of Hamas after the ceasefire. It’s not like other ceasefires have ended with Islamic terrorist groups launching attacks on Israel or anything many times in the past. This is the point where Firedoghysteric wrote “so much for good faith negotiations.” But no condemnations from FDL regarding Hamas lobbing missiles first. They also do not like that both Bush and Pelosi blame Hamas for starting this.

Anyhow, the operation found out all sorts of fun info, like where weapons dumps were, training camps, and, oh, where senior officials hung out. Then

The plan of action that was implemented in Operation Cast Lead remained only a blueprint until a month ago, when tensions soared after the IDF carried out an incursion into Gaza during the ceasefire to take out a tunnel which the army said was intended to facilitate an attack by Palestinian militants on IDF troops.

On November 19, following dozens of Qassam rockets and mortar rounds which exploded on Israeli soil, the plan was brought for Barak’s final approval. Last Thursday, on December 18, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and the defense minister met at IDF headquarters in central Tel Aviv to approve the operation.

However, they decided to put the mission on hold to see whether Hamas would hold its fire after the expiration of the ceasefire. They therefore put off bringing the plan for the cabinet’s approval, but they did inform Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni of the developments.

Hmm, FDL left out that part. Of course, the fact that the military plans – hell, we probably have plans on how to invade France and take over that country, not that it would take long or be hard – is lost on hard core liberals. Especially since so, so, so many hate Israel and love jihadis.

Haaretz also has an interesting story up about the five arguments of the anti-Israel left, claims which are, curiously, as tired as they are unflagging. You can actually find these arguments throughout liberal sites, and heck, I got a Sphere link from the CNN story Saturday, and these same arguments from the left are all over my comments.

Know what the Washington Post is worried about? Obama’s chances for peace. First, I thought he was a Lightworker and The Messiah, and could do anything. Second, and back to reality, there can be some peace between Israel and some Arab countries. But the Islamists themselves, no. The stated goal of these groups, and some countries, is to destroy the Jewish state of Israel. Period. Anyhow, since this is being crossposted at Pirate’s Cove, Right Wing News, and Stop The ACLU, check out Gina Cobb’s post on this subject at Right Wing News.

More: right on time, more of the wishy washy Israel/Jew haters around the world are blaming Israel, many calling for “restraint”

  • Greg Mitchell at the Hufftard Post is moaning about the lack of liberal bloggers and US media complaints about whether Israel over-reacted
  • Attackerman thinks only negotiations and diplomacy can fix the issue. Cause that has worked SUPER! so far
  • Juan Cole is calling what Israel is doing a “war crime”

And over at CNN, we get all sorts of whiny people calling for said restraint. Funny how they never call for restraint till Israel fights back against the jihadi’s attacking them, eh? Money quote

Saeb Erakat, adviser to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, urged Israeli and Hamas leaders to enact another cease-fire.

“I believe this is the only way out. I don’t think this problem can be solved through military means. Violence will breed more violence,” he said Saturday.

Yup, because the American Revolution, French Revolution, American Civil War, WWI, WWII, the stand of the 300, and so many other issues were not solved by military means. Diplomacy worked really well.

And let’s not forget that so many on the Left (not all, mind you. I have seen many comments around the Interwebz in support of Israel’s right to defend itself against Islamic nutters) are more on the side of the nutters, and take the same position as Iran. Heck, A.N.S.W.E.R. already has a protest march planned for Tuesday in support of the Palestinians.

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6 Responses to “How Israeli Planned To Kick Hamas’ Butts”

  1. Jack says:

    Hamas deserves all that is coming to them and more.

  2. riggword says:

    Hey, thanks for the “dodgers” captach!

    The recent events in Israel are just a showdown of things to come.
    The islamoterrorists will increase activity as Obama’s inauguration gets closer.
    In 23 days Obama will have to make decisions that are uncomfortable for him.
    He cannot keep voting “present”.

    Let’s hold out hope that he will get it and toughen up.

    Thanks for your post,

  3. babbling beverage says:

    Hmmm…Jack. Do you really believe what you commented? I would hope not, because then it would seem as though you don’t follow the news. When, in the past week of Hamas “attacks” on Israel did you notice the “terrorist organisation” killing 284 people at once? That is, if the numbers haven’t been played with to place Israel in a slightly better light. Or worse, maybe you are just posting because you yourself are Jewish and appear to be supporting your country. Which would show complete ignorance if you ask me.
    You probably shouldn’t write things like that when you can’t back yourself up. It just makes you look stupid.

  4. John Ryan says:

    Funny how the “right” always seems to love Israel but hate the liberal Jews who live in the USA.

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