Islamists Don’t Like The United Nations, Too

If you read through the main article from the AP about the latest suicide bombings in Somalia, words such as Islam, Muslim, and even terrorism are missing

Suicide bombers struck targets across northern Somalia on Wednesday, including a U.N. compound, officials said. There were deaths and dozens of injuries, but an exact casualty figures were not immediately available.

“We are still counting the bodies,” said Ismail Adani, a spokesman for the government of the breakaway republic of Somaliland, where bombers hit the U.N. compound, the Ethiopian consulate and the presidential palace.

Goodness! Who could have done this? Maybe it was Buddists, Jews, or invaders from Venus, who are all known for their use of suicide bombers.

The UK Telegraph and Reuterspractice a bit of better journalism, not blaming the attacks on Islamists, since no one has taken credit as of yet, but, notices that Islamists have been the main source of attacks recently, and the most likely culprits.

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