You Rubes Just Don’t Get Climate Change!

Yet another example of the a Credentialed Media elitist telling us how just fucking stupid we all are for not buying the line that Mankind is causing climate change and how bad it is: The Public’s Dangerous Misunderstanding of Climate Change

drink the kool aidAs I report on climate change, I come across a lot of scary facts, like the possibility that thawing permafrost in Siberia could release gigatons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, or the risk that Greenland could pass a tipping point and begin to melt rapidly. But one of the most frightening studies I’ve read recently had nothing to do with icebergs or megadroughts. In a paper that came out Oct. 23 in Science, John Sterman — a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Sloan School of Management — wrote about asking 212 MIT grad students to give a rough idea how much governments need to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions to eventually stop the increase in the concentration of carbon in the atmosphere. These students had training in science, technology, mathematics and economics at one of the best schools in the world — they are probably a lot smarter than you or me. Yet 84% of Sterman’s subjects got his problem wrong, greatly underestimating the degree to which greenhouse gas emissions need to fall. When the MIT kids can’t figure out climate change, what are the odds that the broader public will?

Wise up, dummies!

Meanwhile, the oceans are getting saltier. I guess The Goracles idea that fresh water will destroy the ocean circulatory systems, eh? And guess what the article blames it on? See the last paragraph.

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  1. […] William Teach wonders how the presstitutes can know more about Gorebal “Warming” than MIT grad students. Could it be that the grad students are not full-fledged Gorebal “Warming” acolytes? Bonus item – there is yet another failure of the Gorebal “Warming” model; the oceans are getting saltier instead of less salty. […]

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