Privacy For Terrorists, But Not When Voting To Unionize? brings up a good point from the 3rd debate between Mitch McConnell and Bruce Lunsford

But when it came time for the candidates to pose questions directly to each other, we learned that Bruce Lunsford is more than willing to fight for the rights of terrorists but not Kentucky workers. It’s hard to believe, but unfortunately it’s true.

Lunsford has been an avid supporter of the deceptively-named Employee Free Choice Act, which would strip workers of their right to a private vote when it came to the issue of unionization.

Guess who else is not only a supporter of the Employee Free Choice Act, but has promised to immediately sign the legislation if elected? That’s right, Barry!

Of course, Obama has been all over the map on the terrorist surveillence operations. First he was against it, then for it, then against it, then voted for the FISA bill which kept telecom immunity. If elected, where will he stand?

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