Why GOTV Is Like A Wet T-Shirt Contest

Every election year, I hear something that sets off an old, long running argument, namely, that I hate Get Out The Vote. In this case, I was listening to The Sports Reporters, and during the parting shots, one of them (missed the name) was talking about athletes telling people to get out there and vote, because it is “your civic duty.”

We get this every time. Celebrities, athletes, politicians, pundits, the various Parties, etc and so on, keep telling us to get out there and vote. But, is it your civic duty? No. Your civic duty is, if you say you are going to vote, to get out there and learn about the candidates, the parties, what they stand for, what their background is, and where they will take you, your town, your State, and your country. Without knowledge, the whole process becomes a wet t-shirt contest.

We get treated to a constant dose of thongs and see thru shirts in the form of 10-30 second soundbites and how good the candidates speak, along with how they look, all designed to get a bunch of drunks to scream the loudest. 

It doesn’t matter who started it, but, GOTV has basically created a large segment of mindless voters, screaming “take it off!” They vote their hearts, they vote their feelings, they vote because it looks good. And that is as far as it goes. It’s wet, almost naked, and bouncing.

That’s the short rant. Sigh.

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2 Responses to “Why GOTV Is Like A Wet T-Shirt Contest”

  1. Duncan says:

    Um. Was I supposed to find myself aroused after reading that?? :p

  2. Mike says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever been to a wet T-shirt contest. Oh well maybe someday.

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