Politico’s Roger Simon Joins The Ranks Of Media Who Have Lost It

Welcome to the club so many of your peers belong to, Roger! (PS: he is not the same guy as Roger L. Simon)

On behalf of the media, I would like to say we are sorry.

On behalf of the elite media, I would like to say we are very sorry.

We have asked questions this week that we should never have asked.

We have asked pathetic questions like: Who is Sarah Palin? What is her record? Where does she stand on the issues? And is she is qualified to be a heartbeat away from the presidency?

We have asked mean questions like: How well did John McCain know her before he selected her? How well did his campaign vet her? And was she his first choice?

Bad questions. Bad media. Bad.

Do I really even need to explain to Roger that it is not those questions (despite similar questions not being asked about Barack Obama and Joe Biden) that are the problem, but the unhinged ones about McCain and Palin, and the nasty personal attacks, insinuations, and questions asked about Palin and her family that are the problem. Roger should also leave this type of attempted snark to the professionals, like Ann Coulter.

That earns Roger the Screwball Award! He has quite a bit of competition to win the daily award, though.

Meanwhile, Red State reports something that would terrify Barry

According to sources close to the McCain campaign, the teleprompter continued scrolling during applause breaks. As a result, half way through the speech, the speech had scrolled significantly from where Governor Palin was in the speech. The malfunction also occurred during Rudy Giuliani’s speech, explaining his significant deviations from his speech. [see the update below on this part]

Unfazed, Governor Palin continued, from memory [and relying on her printed text, clearly looking down occasionally at the printed page], to deliver her speech without the teleprompter cued to the appropriate point in her speech.

Barry responded “I speak just as…wait–did you say without a teleprompter??”

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One Response to “Politico’s Roger Simon Joins The Ranks Of Media Who Have Lost It”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Teach the problem isn’t that the MSM writes such things your problem is that you do not like the fact that Americans (who have many choices) choose to read what he has to say. If no one read it you would not care.

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