Gavin Newsome Backs Down On ID Cards For Illegals

He found out that not even far, far, far left liberals approve of coddling illegals, particularly young, violent ones

Mayor Gavin Newsom has delayed a program to offer identification cards to all city residents regardless of their immigration status as city officials review the sanctuary policy for illegal immigrants.

“We’ve delayed it till we garner enough facts about our current sanctuary city and move forward with changing the policy,” Newsom said Wednesday.

The mayor last month ordered City Administrator Ed Lee to suspend the ID card program in a letter released by the mayor’s office Wednesday. That letter called for putting the program on hold “until a thorough review has been completed to ensure that every aspect of the program complies with all applicable state and federal laws.”

The review of the city’s sanctuary policies comes in response to a series of Chronicle articles explaining how the city regularly shielded young illegal immigrants from federal deportation after they were found guilty of felony crimes. That practice has since been stopped.

Now, if only the people of San Francisco would put a hold on Newsome himself, who helps in turning San Fran into a vast city of derision by average Americans.

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