Sniff. Activists Upset And Enraged About Their Arrests

This story kinda reminds me of the way the Religion of Peace acts. Just replace some of the words, such as anarchist and activist, with Muslim: Police raids enrage activists, alarm others

Aided by informants planted in protest groups, authorities raided at least six buildings across St. Paul and Minneapolis to stop an “anarchist” plan to disrupt this week’s Republican National Convention.

From Friday night through Saturday afternoon, officers surrounded houses, broke down doors, handcuffed scores of people and confiscated suspected tools of civil disobedience.

But a St. Paul City Council member described it as excessive, while activists, many of whom were detained and then released without charges, called it intimidation designed to quash free speech.

Say what? Oh, woops, I forgot, liberals/progressives never really read the Constitution and its Bill of Rights section

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Does this sound peaceable?

On Saturday afternoon, (Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher) displayed a number of the confiscated items: a gun, throwing knives, a bow and arrows, flammable liquids, paint, slingshots, rocks and buckets of urine.

“We know these things were going to be used as weapons,” Fletcher said, a charge protesters and their advocates vigorously disputed.

Can the “activists” explain why they had buckets of urine? Though, if they aren’t for protesting, I really do not want to know the answer.

Via Hot Air.

Late afternoon update: is it any wonder all levels of law enforcement like to keep an eye on left side groups?

Outside the Xcel Center, police used pepper spray and arrested five protesters among a crowd of about 2,000 participating in an anti-war march. The crowd was far smaller than the 50,000 march organizers had hoped for.

St. Paul police spokesman Tom Walsh said the five were arrested for lighting a trash bin on fire.

Separately, dozens of self-described anarchists wearing black clothing ran through the streets a few blocks from the march site.

Looks like the progressives are taking emulating the Religion of Peace. (Via Michelle)

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4 Responses to “Sniff. Activists Upset And Enraged About Their Arrests”

  1. NTxOkie says:

    RE: Buckets of Urine….

    1. Good additive for the commune compost, recycling at its best instead of flushing it down the drain and adding to the overloaded sewage system.

    2. Boost Immunity, there are some people that regularly drink their morning urine in order to boost their immune system. I am not one of them.

    3. Bleach – Some people use urine as bleach for their fabrics and even teeth. You may look at this as disgusting, but it is much more natural than a chemical bleach detergent.

    4. Urine can be used as a topical disinfectant on wounds. It can also be used several times a day on a rash or a blister.

    5. Cure for Hangover = Urine is said to be the best cure for a morning hangover. Drinking the first stream of urine after an overindulgent night out is said to wake up the energy inside you.

    6. Many years ago, stale urine was used to make munitions. The urine was left for more than a year to ferment. The salts formed from this fermentation were then washed and mixed with wood ash, dried out, then added to sulphur and charcoal to make black powder.

    See? If they were going to construct a bomb from their urine, they would have had to started years ago!

    No, No, they were going to help all those fat cat repubs get over their party hangovers and give them free skin treatments! Yeah, Yeah…. Thats the ticket! See just a big mistake!


  2. Um, I really, really, really did not need to know that stuff, Mark! 😉

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  4. Thomas Paine says:

    I rather have groups planning a protest and discuss their plans then have the constitution violated. Unless mass killings were being planned by the “protesters,” their right to assemble is paramount to anything else.

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