Kosbat: Palin Was Pregnant, Stop The Smears

Not that this will really make a dent in the beclowning and assbaggery from the Nut-O-Sphere, but, there seems to be one (mostly) sane Kosbat out there. Sarah Palin Baby Story Ender.

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3 Responses to “Kosbat: Palin Was Pregnant, Stop The Smears”

  1. Maggie Mama says:

    The latest kool-aid meme is Palin is “white trash” … this from the party that held first place courtesy of Bill Clinton.

    BTW how many women were given that moniker
    (aka Monica) by the Clinton political machine? ? ?

  2. Kathy says:

    William next time please give a hassmat warning. I’m so sorry I waded in to that garbage.

    The DK people are totally insane. Good God A mercy, don’t they have anything else better to speculate on?

    How about discussing issues? If they don’t like her positions fine discuss that.

  3. I love our white trash naughty librarian Palin. The Left is scared shatless of her.

    Sorry, Kathy. I am almost immune to their filth at this point. But issues? What are those? Won’t find real ones over there much.

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