Hey! No Eating In Front Of Muslims During Rahmadan!

Funny, I’ve never heard an concern for the Christian and Jewish holidays were the tenents fast, have you?

Councillors have been ordered not to eat during town hall meetings while Muslim colleagues fast during the holy month of Ramadan.

All elected members at Left-wing Tower Hamlets Council in East London have been sent an email asking them to follow strict Islamic fasting during September no matter what their faith.

As well as restricting food and drink until after sunset, the authority’s leaders have decided to reduce the number of meetings throughout the month so they do not clash with the requirements of Ramadan.

Will the town council call for the same during Lent? How about during Yom Kippur? My money would be on “no.” But, it gets better!

The seven remaining meetings scheduled to take place will also include special prayer breaks to accommodate Muslim councillors.

Can we have that for Christians and Jews? No? How soon till this spreads to other countries, including the USA?

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