So No To Excitable Andy

Ace has a really interesting post up regarding the Queen Of Hysteria, one of the “only true conservatives (who just happens to be an Obama supporter and a self named conservative),” Andy Sullivan

I’ve written a bunch of the heavy hitters in the right-leaning respectable blogosphere to suggest a full boycott of linking Sullivan, forever.

Yes, I wrote, if you need to refute “Milky Loads Power Glute’s” daily dose of dementia, do so; quote and critique with attribution. But don’t link. Let anyone compelled to go to his site type in the URL and find the post themselves.

This miserable Taker of Milky Loads screamed bloody murder when his own privacy was invaded; note how the Queen of Hypocrisy turns on a dime when he has the chance to probe someone else’s Power Glutes of Load-Taking.

There is a limit, and our addled attention-whore of perpetual drama went beyond that a while ago. Now he’s way beyond it. He is not a serious commentator; he is a vicious bridge-troll of a propagandist, a nasty little rotten-hearted bitch who gets his jollies assailing a sixteen year old girls because her mom threatens his wannabe boyfriend’s chances of being elected.

What’s there to add to that, except, why not just ignore him completely? I know it is difficult not to go after the moron, but, there are plenty of other wacko’s out there in the Nut-O-Sphere. Even one of his fellow bloggers at The Atlantic, Ross Douthat, thinks Sullivan has jumped the shark and lost his mind. Fuck him. He is an attention whore who writes things to be an attention whore. At least when Kos and his nutjobs write something insane, we know they mean it, and aren’t just being assholes for the sake of being assholes. They are just being their asshole wackjob selves.

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