Ron Paul Pays Major 9/11 Twoofer

First we had Ron Paul taking money from Don Black, a new-Nazi/white supremacist and founder of Now, via Hot Air, we find out even more deplorable behavior by the Ron Paul. Kudo’s to Beth at MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy for getting the story that one Alex Jones is was paid $1,300 by the Paul campaign (h/t tip to a Stop The ACLU email)

Ron Paul ScrewballAssuming it’s the same Alex Jones, which seems a safe bet, pray tell what might that payment have been for? The likeliest explanation is that it’s some sort of service fee, either Jones doing something on behalf of the campaign or allowing the campaign to do something using his property. Either way, I’m mighty curious to know what special service might have been provided such that Paul’s people couldn’t have gone elsewhere and gotten the same deal from someone who isn’t a degenerate conspiracy theorist.

There was also a donation from Alex Jones to the Paul campaign. And somehow, the Ronulans still keep saying Paul is the best Conservative candidate EVAH! Even Hillary doesn’t buy into the nutty 9/11 Twooferism. This is more proof that Paul is a 9/11 conspiracy theory nutter.

I wonder how Excitable Andy will great this revelation?

I’d like to see how the Ronulans will explain away this coziness with a 9/11 Truther.

Can you imagine a choice between Paul and Hils? Scary pre-Halloween thought.

Beth has her own post up about this: He’s a crank, a troll, a cult leader.

Others: Captain Ed, Screw Loose Change

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14 Responses to “Ron Paul Pays Major 9/11 Twoofer”

  1. FZappa says:

    Don Black endorsed Bush in 2004. Bush did not “renounce” him. Does that make Bush a neo-nazi? By your logic, it does.

    Re Alex Jones: so no one can associate with 9/11 Truthers or they’re instantly unacceptable? Well, I guess we can’t watch “Two and a Half Men” because Charlie Sheen is a Truther.

    This really is the worst you can find on Ron Paul? Then I know he’s going to win.

  2. FZappa says:

    PS — look for the Ron Paul Money Bomb on Nov. 5th. It’s going to be historic!

  3. Sure. Like he is going to make it through the primaries.

  4. Honey says:

    Ron Paul has received more military donations than all other Republicans combined. It’s funny how you can overlook all that and attack him for one rotten donor that he has no control over.

  5. beth says:

    Its really strange to me how the Paultards find any RP post anyone writes on the internet. Its like a locus that swarms around from blog to blog checking for RP posts.

    I’ve been noticing that the MSM is doing stories on RP as though he’s a serious candidate. They are having interviews with him and talking about him as though he’s a real threat to the front runners. I think they are doing that hoping to give him more name recognition. That way he might do a Ross Perot kinda thing and split the Republican vote so they can get a dem in office. That’s the only hope they have of getting into office.

  6. beth says:

    BTW – I like your new template!

  7. John P Slevin says:

    The $1,300.00 item in question is clearly listed in the FEC report as a CONTRIBUTION REFUND. That means, the Ron Paul campaign reported receiving a $1,300.00 contribution from one Alex Jones, of Austin, Texas (presumably the same individual, from PrisonPlanet).

    Anyone can check this for themselves by going to the FEC website.

    Again, they reported that they received a contribution from Alex Jones, and they reported returning that contribution to Alex Jones. The other sources you cite, like Captain’s Quarters, CLEARLY have omitted this data from their “reporting” of the facts.

    You should not spread B.S. You should have the personal and professional integrity to look into things like this yourself. It took me about two minutes to look at the actual FEC report and to see the fact that this was a contribution refund, NOT a payment for services rendered. The other sources, like Captain Ed, simply have lied, and you have repeated that lie.

    Do you have the integrity now to correct this matter, to retract your idiotic and sycophantic repeating of Captain Ed’s lie?

  8. Gotta hand it to them, Beth, they do seem to have the use of the internet down to a tee. Someone should smack Gore around for having invented it.

    Appreciate the kind thoughts on the theme.

    Ah, so you admit that he took money from a major truther.

  9. Beth says:

    $1300 of Alex Jones’ $2300 donation was refunded, per the FEC disclosure. (See the update to my post.)

    So why only a partial refund? I’m guessing RP sees a need to distance himself from troofer scum, but not COMPLETELY disavow them. If he did, his support base would all but disappear.

    John Slevin, if you want anyone to listen to you, don’t be an asshole. I deleted your obnoxious comment from my site, but let another one about the contribution refund through because it wasn’t asinine like your steaming pile of crap.
    Now explain why RP didn’t refund the WHOLE donation, please.

    Ron Paul has received more military donations than all other Republicans combined.

    Bullshit. If you knew anything at all, you’d know that a GS-5 at a desk job at Whatever AFB in Iowa says his or her employer is “US Air Force.” All that means is it’s people employed by DoD, either in uniform or out of uniform. I also notice you people say “the troops want out of Iraq” because of this, yet who’s to say these donations came from people who are or who have been there?

    Either way, it doesn’t matter. Most conservatives in the military are waiting to see which of the other candidates are going to be the nominee, because military people aren’t rich and most can’t afford to dump money into primary campaigns. Having served in uniform for 11 years myself AND having been my unit’s voting officer for several election cycles, I can tell you with certainty that most military in uniform generally don’t get financially involved until the nominees are chosen. Those who are supporting RP are doing so for obvious reasons–he’s radically different from the other candidates, almost serving as a third-party candidate, and presumably none of the others would be the supporters’ choice anyway.

    Keep dreaming, though. You obviously don’t know anything about people in the military. Or logic, for that matter. Slogans are much easier, aren’t they?

  10. Beth says:

    Argh. Please close my italics tag after “all Republicans combined!”

  11. […] The Ronluans embrace 9-11 Troofers. […]

  12. Ogre says:

    I like the new setup, too — but hey, the tab order is screwy: it goes from email to anti-spam word, then back to website. :0

    As for Paul, I’ll tell you I don’t agree with everything he’s got, but I think Paul vs. Hillary would be an absolute RIOT! If you’re pro-war, you’d have to vote Hillary, and if you’re anti-war, you’d be voting Paul. Man, that would just confuse the heck out of everyone. And the more confusion there is in politics, the better off everyone else is (because when they’re confused, less of my money gets stolen).

  13. John says:

    Alex Jones’s contribution will be returned to him in full; Ron Paul didn’t solicit his support to begin with. The Ron Paul Campaign doesn’t have time to go through their donor list looking for conspiracy nuts, members of the KKK or what have you. I mean you guys don’t have real jobs just sit around in your pajamas blogging all day, so you can scrutinize every little detail of the campaign. As for Don Black, the Paul campaign had never heard of before Lone Star whatever and his brilliant outing of a non-story. I mean doesn’t Giuliani have a child molester working for him, so should we assume Giuliani advocates child molestation? Come on guys I know Paul scares you but to take your paranoia do these lengths is well “crazy”.

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