Right Wing News: Most And Least Desired 2008 GOP Candidates

Head on over to Right Wing News for the results. Unsurprisingly, Ron Paul ends up coming out on the short end of the stick, both for least desired and net score. Good! Maybe this will stop the Ronulans who are supporting a candidate who takes money from a neo-Nazi from spamming so much. Na. Won’t happen.

I hope John is monitoring his comments for the Ronulans today!

My picks

Most desired: 1. Duncan Hunter 2. Mike Huckabee 3. Mitt Romney 4. Rudy Giuliani 5. Tom Tancredo

Least: 1. Ron Paul 2. John McCain 3. John Cox 4. Alan Keyes 5. Fred!

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5 Responses to “Right Wing News: Most And Least Desired 2008 GOP Candidates”

  1. FZappa says:

    The reason he got “least desired” is
    because it’s a “big government conservatove(ie neocon) site.

    But while there are a lot of neocon pundits and party apparatchiks, there aren’t many neocon voters.

  2. Tell me another conspiracy theory. You guys always have some excuse.

  3. john Ryan says:

    well the other conspiracy theory is more believable because it involves Soros
    Soros rigged the poll so Hunter would win knowing that he woud certainly not come even close to beating any Democratic canidate.
    Not even Kucinich

  4. That is funny, John. Ronulans have about as many CS’s as the folks at the DU 😉

    Wouldn’t mind at all, SK.

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