Thoughts On An Earache

Generally, I am a very private person. I tend to have to know someone well before I share personal information. But, I want to share this story with you.

About mid August, my left ear and left jaw started hurting a bit. I figured it was either some wax buildup, or a minor ear infection. My left ear is prone to that, after growing up at the beach, and all the time I spent in pools, rivers, and the ocean. No biggy. Or so I thought. After a few days, and having cleaned my ear out, it still was hurting. So, I went to an urgent care center. Walked right in.

I was given some ear drops. After about a week, still hurt. On a scale of 1-10 between dull and sharp pain, about a 5. When I woke up in the AM, man, my jaw hurt. So, I went to a different doctor. Called, and was able to get in that day. He gave me some antibiotics.

Seven days later, still hurt a bit. Not quite as much, but, enough. So, went back to the doctor, who gave me something different, and made an appointment to an ear, nose, and throat doctor. Just. Like. That.

The appointment was for this coming Friday. But, the ENT office called, and said, "can you come in today?" Sure thing! So I went.

They figure it is either something in the jaw at the joint, or, possible tonsillitis. Even though the tonsils look good, it can be something internal, which causes the pain. They were going to refer me to a specialist. The ENT doctor says it is better to start with the jaw doctor, then cut them old tonsils out first. I agree! Though, it would get me out of work for a few days

However, the specialist is out of network, meaning it would have cost me about $475 out of pocket. So, instead, I decided to go see my dentist, who said it was probably TMJ, and, since it was getting much better, he said give it a few more weeks, and, if not gone by mid-October, he would find a specialist in-network. Neat, huh?

So, why am I sharing this with you, my on-line friends? No, I am not begging for sympathy. Quite frankly, except for the pain when waking up (doesn’t help that I tend to roll on to my stomach and have my face planted in the pillow while sleeping,) it is more annoying. I have shattered my ankle, requiring surgery, and broke clean through both bones in my lower right leg on a different occasion, requiring surgery, then extended therapy, since the wrong bone healed first. I snapped my big toe one time, and that takes forever to heal and the pain to go away. Otherwise, besides some cuts requiring stitches, I have never been majorly sick or hurt for long periods. Sure, some good cases of the flu and the cold, sprains, even a nice burn from a moped muffler. And, under the health plans of any of the Democratic contenders, it would have taken forever to see a doctor and get healed.

Under HillaryCare, do you think I would have seen doctors four times in the last month, and soon to see a fifth (and hopefully last) one? We hear the horror stories from folks in countries that have socialized/nationalized health care. When I broke my toe (and I did a really good job, too!) in 2000, one of the people in my apartment complex was originally from England. She said that they basically would have told me over the phone to ice it, and deal with it. There is little one can do for a broken toe. But, someone x-rayed it, gave me the bad news, gave me advice, and, much later on, I went for therapy for it. Wouldn’t have happened in England.

It was easy as pie to get my meds for my ear. Walk in, give the slips, come back in an hour, ready to go. My parents neighbor in Jersey, a very good podiatrist, took care of my broken ankle. He recommended the guy who did the surgery on my leg. Do you think I would have been able to choose under socialized medicine? Heck, considering that the Dem prospects want to keep people from getting sick and injured in the first place, might they have restricted me from playing soccer in the first place? That was the cause of both breaks, plus numerous minor ones in fingers and toes, along with sprains and contusions. Hence my dislike of soccer.

Would I have been able to see the doctors as much as I did? Would I have been able to get in to therapy so quickly and easily? Reading their plans, and reading about other countries, I would say "no." Heck, I would probably still be waiting to see the first doctor.

Yes, we want everyone to be well looked after. Some people just cannot afford insurance. We do want to help them, it is the Christian thing to do. But, socialized medicine is not the right plan. What is the point of everyone having insurance if it takes forever to see someone in the medical field?

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14 Responses to “Thoughts On An Earache”

  1. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    … the VA had the nerve to switch me over to a muslim doctor, and after one appointment, this infidel switched over to another VA Clinic! Let Hitlery Rotten Clinton’s crony physicians take care of the John Ryan crowd! By the way, many more vets did the same and this quack is no longer at the old VA Clinic… He probably ‘relocated’ to Canada / Casbahda !

  2. […] are the kind people who have trackbacked to this post: 1. Stuck on Stupid: Quote of the Day. 2. Pirate’s Cove: Thoughts On An Earache. 3. The Florida Masochist: The Knuckleheads of the Day award. [?] […]

  3. Rosemary says:

    Dear Pirate,

    Ohhh. Have you tried using a hot washcloth or a heating pad with a towel on the area? Have you had your, oh what are they called, really BIG molars-aha! Wisdom teeth! Have you had them pulled yet? I went through many a symptom until I got rid of them.

    I wish there were something I could to help your pain go away…

    BTW, ya know how Kennedy rails against the HMO’s? Ssshhhhhhh. Come a little closer. Are you sure no one can hear? HE’S THE ONE WHO STARTED THAT PROGRAM IN 1965! Yup. Everyone was supposed to have to go there. Don’t worry, though. I’m sure he’ll do better with HitleryCare! Argghhh!

    PS. Hi there, Darth. How are you today, dear? I will pray for good health for both of you. 😉

  4. Rosemary says:

    Hmm. I trackbacked to you (and I hubbed ya), but it isn’t showing up. I’ll give it some time, eh? Then I’ll just add it on my own. 😉

  5. Hey there. Good to hear everything came out ok, Darth.

    Rosemary, yeah, I have tried some of that. It is barely bothersome at all, thankfully. They are mostly worried that it crops up and is realy my tonsils. Being allergy season doesn’t help

  6. John Ryan says:

    Darth do you consider the VA to be “socialized medicine” ? I do
    I PAY FOR IT !!

  7. John Ryan says:
    Most European countries have “socialized” medicine.
    Perhaps if we had it owe could aspire to do even better than the Germans, who had it established under Bismark.
    They live longer than we do and have lower infant mortality. But of course they are richer now that the American dollar has collasped under Bush losing 50% of its value. The top 6 per capita incomes are now all European.

  8. Rosemary says:

    Good to find out, Teach. I’m glad you’re feeling better.

    As for you, John Ryan, before you go after Darth about anything he says, would you please change your tone of voice? Darth is a very thoughtful, caring, thought-provoking person whom I happen to appreciate. He will not fight with the bottom of the barrel spammers, but I am asking you nicely…STOP IT.

    I could take you down with facts that would blow your mind, but I don’t want to hurt you. Oh, that wasn’t nice? How does it feel?

  9. Silke says:

    Teach, I hope you feel better soon.

    Rosemary, Darth mentioned John first (see the first comment on this post).

    Regarding healthcare, it is definitely a problem in this country. We pay too much for it and there are many people who do not have access. In a way, we are already paying for those who do not have health insurance because the government picks up the tab for emergency room visits of those who cannot pay. And when it gets to that point it’s either too late or very costly. On the other hand, I’m not convinced the government can fix this and I’m incredibly weary of another large entitlement program that we cannot pay for. There has to be some middle ground where we can all agree that making affordable healthcare available to those who want it, while maintaining high standards and choices to those who can afford it, makes good sense. This may drive down the costs to the point where we can actually pay for it without bankrupting the government or mortgaging our children’s future.

  10. Rosemary says:

    Dear Silke,
    Hi, how are you today? I do not see where Darth personally said anything to John, but I can see your point. You put it out there straight and politely, and I appreciate that. 😉

    As far as a solution, I have one. Get the government out of it. If the gov’t is out of it, there are less files and forms that need to be filled out hence less trees cut down. That’s’ down the middle, eh? lol

    Make malpractice suits ONLY applicable to those doctors who are KNOWINGLY neglectful, purposely irrisponsible, and malicious, all of which is for the motive of monetary gain without regard to the patient. It must contain all three of these to have standing. Cost of malpractice insurance will fall immensely!

    Give immunity to all doctors who make house calls or perform medical services to a stranger who has fallen ill outside of his office. That means that when anyone yells out, “Is there a Doctor in the house?”, they will not be afraid to answer, “Yes”.

    How about those? I am flexible. Now about the money we pay in taxes for the VA…It is the Soldier, not the journalist, who gives us freedom of the press, … I would rather pay for the rest of my life for these protectors of freedom and liberty. We, at least, owe them that much. Wouldn’t ya say?

  11. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Hey Commie Ryan… DAV means Disabled American Veteran…service connected to the Gulf War…My sacrifices were for God, country and family and not for treasonous clowns and left wing lunes like you. But thanks to DAV’s…you can enjoy your treasonous and destructive first amendment rights… God forbid if Islam establishes their 7th century caliphate here in America, you and your ilk will be the first ones to be executed. I’ll be in the right line on Judgement Day, and you will be with the goats in the left line! BAA BAAA BAAAA!

  12. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    PS: Thank-You Rosemary for your patriotism and kind words. In war and peace the John Ryans of the world, and underworld, were easy ‘challenges’! William Teach, along with his patriot family, are what our 231 years of life, liberty and pursuits of happiness are all about. There are DAV’s worse off than me, and if I had the choice to do it all over again, or not… I would.
    John Ryan still hasn’t answered why Bill Clinton is the only two-term Democratic President (re-elected) since FDR in 1944!
    Thanks again Rosemary – you’re an excellent wing man/gal!

  13. Rosemary says:

    Dear Darth,
    Thank you for your kind words. Mine flow easily when it comes to people like Teach and you. I tried to join the Navy in ’80, but an earlier eye operation prevented them from accepting me. I still root for Navy whenever they play Army! We always kick their tails. lol.

    If you’ll notice in my response to Ryan, I called him a spammer. He’s one of those people who unfortunately does not care to stick around long enough to learn a thing or two. I don’t know, but he may be a nice guy in any other ways. It’s too bad that Satan has a hold of him now. Hatred for one’s own country or one’s leaders will eat at you unless you do something positive to change it or protect it. I thank God for both Teach and you…and the ones who came before us, and the ones who still out there, and the ones whom shall no doubt come after us. May God protect them all. 😉

  14. Personally, I would love to see the private industry take of the VA and all the other programs. The care would certainly be better then anything run by the government. Heck, can anyone name something that government does that private industry couldn’t do better?

    With health care, the best thing to do is to find out why it is expensive, and fix that, rather then putting a government run bandaid on it. My copy of the Constitution doesn’t include things liek government being in charge of our whole lives.

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