AP Does Hatchett Piece on Rudy

Obviously, those in the Left leaning media are worried about Rudy getting the Republican nomination, hence:

NEW YORK – Rudy Giuliani's White House aspirations are inescapably tied to Sept. 11, 2001 — for better and for worse.

While the former mayor of the nation's largest city was widely lionized for his post-9/11 leadership — "Churchillian" was one adjective, "America's mayor" was
Oprah Winfrey's assessment — city firefighters and their families are renewing their attacks on him for his performance before and after the terrorist attack.

"If Rudolph Giuliani was running on anything but 9/11, I would not speak out," said Sally Regenhard, whose firefighter son was among the 343 FDNY members killed in the terrorist attack. "If he ran on cleaning up Times Square, getting rid of squeegee men, lowering crime — that's indisputable.

"But when he runs on 9/11, I want the American people to know he was part of the problem."

This is designed to hit Rudy in the one area where most people in the USA know about him. His drastic reduction of crime and garbage in NYC is known locally, but his leadership during and after 9/11 is known nationwide. Sure, mistakes were made. Welcome to reality after a massive terrorist attack where two of the largest buildings in the world collapsed.

The article does include two whole short paragraphs that are positive and show support from other firefighters. Imagine. Followed by

Hank Sheinkopf, a veteran political consultant, predicted the 9/11 criticisms could resonate beyond New York during the presidential campaign.

Especially as the Silly Season gets closer, and the Liberals get into full personal destruction mode.

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  1. John Ryan says:

    a weak canidate

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