Suspected Mastermind of USS Cole Bombing Claims Torture

Did you know that the Al Qaeda handbook says that any captured members are to claim torture? Yes, that is correct. It is in Chapter 18. And now we have another example

WASHINGTON —  A suspected Saudi terrorist told a military hearing that he was tortured into confessing that he was involved in the bombing of the warship USS Cole, according to a Defense Department transcript released Friday.

Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, a Saudi national of Yemeni descent, said he made up stories that tied him to the 2000 Cole attack, which killed 17 U.S. sailors and nearly succeeded in sinking the $1 billion destroyer in Aden harbor, Yemen.

"From the time I was arrested five years ago, they have been torturing me. It happened during interviews. One time they tortured me one way, and another time they tortured me in a different way," al-Nashiri said, according to the transcript. "I just said those things to make the people happy. They were very happy when I told them those things."

This is the typical claim, with nothing to back it up. However, it does what it is meant to do: make the namby pamby weak kneeded "let's treat murderous scum with kid gloves and buy them ice cream" folks on the left scream in rage. Don't believe me?

  • Another good reason why BUSH and CHENEY should be SHOT or tried for war crimes in Hague ASAP ! By: BUSHCHENEYOILNAZIS
  • Instead of working to make sure that never happens again, the White House is working 24/7 to find out who in the hell released that transcript. The branding iron is already fired up.
  • "Accused Cole Bomber Claims He Was Tortured Into Confession" Well of course he does.

    And after Abu Garaib, extra-ordinary renditions, secret prisons, the military commissions act and construction of an offshore chamber of horrors in Guantanamo, who would believe otherwise?

    What once would have been laughable, must now be considered possible…if not probable.

  • As long as the electrodes were dipped in holy water, its okay.

    How many volts would Jesus approve.

  • War crimes.
  • Torture doesn't work every time. Some will overcome it and expose it. Like today.
  • You have to wonder what they wouldn't do to someone to get a confession to cover their own blackop, false flag. Bush and his family and Rumsfeld and Cheney were behind 9-11 and the other events that catipultated the US and Britian into war.
  • Yet another gift to America from Torquemada Gonzalez, Idjut McFlightsuit and those loveable Neocon pranksters over at Camp PNAC… enough abuse and reported torture rampant throughout the whole contaminated operation that we can NEVER know, for sure, if a 'confession' is real.
  • Can you say "duh"?? Of course the poor guy was tortured into confessing.

Yes, that is right, one of them said of an Al Queda member "poor guy." Another called for Bush and Cheney to be shot. Most believe that America is actively involved in massive torture. But, nowhere in the comments, at this time, did any moonbat on the Left say anything negative about the man who admitted he was the mastermind behind the bombing of the USS Cole, which killed 17 United States sailors and wounded 39, almost sinking the ship. None condemn Al Qaeda. They just blame the USA and say how bad we are.

Have you ever noticed that virtually every single suspected terrorist or terrorist supporter makes the same claim?

Michelle Malkin and some guy from the HuffPost were on O'reilly's show Friday night, talking about redacting posts on the HuffPost (only caught a little bit, was intermission during the Devils game), and the guy said the comments were rare. However, if you peruse the comments on virtually any story or post, you will find this kind of craziness and anti-American/pro terrorist screeds.

You can watch the exchange over at Hot Air. And, yes, O'Reilly did talk a wee bit too much.

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    Most Americans give Bush a very very low approval rating

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