Another Climate Change Money Making Scheme

First we had carbon offset trading, a cute little offering similar to a pyramid scheme, where you live your life, but pay money to have others do things to make you carbon neutral. This is perfect for people like Al Gore, who preach about people needing to change their lifestyles, but do not want to actually do it themselves.

Now, we have another scare tactic money making racket, Climate Appraisal. Their mission?

Address-based climate reporting that allows homebuyers and property owners to assess how climate change and other environmental risks could impact a property. Now individuals can have the same kind of information the insurance companies have to review their risk.

For the low, low price of $30, you can get a premium report that includes information on over 50 individual items across 9 categories like Shoreline Reduction, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Wildfire & Drought, Flood, Health & Disease, and will help you determine:

  •  Will your home be submerged this century from global warming?
  •  What is your hurricane history and how many can you expect?
  •  How strong are the tornadoes near you and how near?
  •  How close do you live to a fault line and where are they? (now Climate Change involves earthquakes? Give me a break!"
  •  What is your wildfire risk and what is your drought cycle?
  •  How much damage has occurred from flooding in your area?
  •  Are Lyme and other vector diseases a factor in your area?
  •  How close are coal plants and superfund sites to you?

Don't you just love the scare tactics? All designed to part you from your money.

WHAT WE GIVE-BACK – More than 50% of our net profits are committed to funding new research and development on climate change.

More likely designed to part you from your money in better ways by scaring you.

I'll ask the question yet again for those who believe climate change is caused solely by Man, based on political reports and scare tactics: are you living the carbon neutral lifestyle? Or just complaining about it and doing nothing, or playing shell games like the Goracle? Said shell game also enriches the Goracle. He buys the offsets from his own company. When you buy them, you are paying Al. But, no, he has absolutely no reason to be pushing climate change as caused by Man, right?

Meanwhile, John Hawkins has 10 questions for the Goracle and the GWACBM crowd. Read the whole thing here.

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6 Responses to “Another Climate Change Money Making Scheme”

  1. First of all, what bothers me about the global warming issue, there seems to be no middle or common ground. Either one is proclaiming the sky is falling or dismissing the issue altogether. Either eminent disaster or no problem are the chants.

    And the only phrase in this post that bothers me is ‘for those who believe climate change is caused solely by Man’. I’m working with the understanding that the big bad global warming report of late, suggested that ‘man’ was the largest contributor to the greenhouse effect from fossil fuel use.

    My real point is, I hope people do not settle on dismissing environmental concerns entirely as a result of the current status of the global warming issue. Equally I hope the frantically fearful don’t go off the deep end, if they haven’t already. Either extreme appears to me as equally detrimental and unproductive.

    Hey, it’s just one guy’s opinion. And I have noticed the profiteers appearing everywhere. Reminds me of the plastic and tape duct craze in 2001.

  2. Silke says:


    In one of your last global warming posts you stated the sun is responsible for the current warming trend. Yet the articles you provided to support your argument said something very different.

    For example, the MIT article stated:
    “Jay Pasachoff, an astronomy professor at Williams College, said that Pluto’s global warming was “likely not connected with that of the Earth. The major way they could be connected is if the warming was caused by a large increase in sunlight. But the solar constant–the amount of sunlight received each second–is carefully monitored by spacecraft, and we know the sun’s output is much too steady to be changing the temperature of Pluto.””

    And the National Geographic article stated:
    “The conventional theory is that climate changes on Mars can be explained primarily by small alterations in the planet’s orbit and tilt, not by changes in the sun.”

    This is the original post:

  3. Stanford, I agree, we should work to understand climate change, both natural and if man actually influences it, and, if so, how much. I do believe Man has some influence, mostly on a micro-climatic scale, based on all the research and journals. I just do not believe that it is more then 10% or so.

    Based on history and current research, there is plenty to do more then suggest that it is mostly natural. Did you know that less then 15,000 years ago the seas rose 350 feet? And, at one point, rose 30 feet in 250 years? And that ice and land drillings suggest major climate shifts every 1K to 3K years? So far, all I have seen to suggest man is the sole cause is computer models, consensus, and political documents, all put out there by people who refuse to live the life they want everyone else to live, as well as making money and getting prestige.

    Silke, sorry, but I am not biting. The point is about more money making schemes.

  4. When it comes to things environmental, I’m more concerned about land use or abuse, not knowing what to do with things we dispose of and the like. Those shouldn’t take nearly as much discussion to solve or at least draw conclusions.
    BTW, good posting here.

  5. Ted says:

    Here is the truth about global warming

  6. ben parker says:

    A ‘sunscreen’ solution is only a band-aid and isn’t a solution at all. The massive health problems and risks involved largely outweigh any possible benefits.

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