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The Next Big Demorat Conspiracy

The Democratic Underground is reporting a “BIG” exclusive (you can choose yourself whether you want to enter the forum area). An old campaign ad which states that President Bush served in the US Air Force. Excuse me if I do not get to excited. It was 1978. He overstated his service, according to some. Others […]

Our “friends the UN”

With all that has been going on, the UN OFF Scandal has been forgotten about by all but a few. But really, what it comes down to is that there may be some other reasons for France, Germany, and Russia to say non, nein, and nyet to the deposing Iraq, despite Resolution 1441. Of course, […]

How Bad is the Kerry Campaign?

It’s so bad that even Maureen Dowd cannot find a nice word for him. In a rambling “where is she going with this editorial, the point seems to be that Kerry is a dilatante’, has no connection with even his equals, and has no connection to the People. This doesn’t bode well for Mr. Kerry. […]

NC State Tailgate shooting

Excuse me if I cannot find sympathy for NC State students who have issues with the new rules for tailgating at NC State University before football games. “I’d say it’s pretty big, sort of like a Brent Road where everyone’s having fun, a few people get out of control and then the university comes in […]


Anyone know where to get custom jammies made for the Blogosphere? Best comment: “You don’t want to become our hobby”. By Kim. How about “Bringing Big Media into the Internet World.” Or “It’s Al Gore’s Fault.”

KerryCare (or how to be an idiot)

I guess I’m an idiot. I do not want any part of Kerry’s health care plan. Nor does Colin McNickle. Like a man in a trench coat on a street corner offering candy to little girls, Nantucket Johnny offers a package of government beneficence that looks, oh, so sweet but quickly turns predatory. That’s what […]

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