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The Kerry campaing needs to lighten up. During a campaign stop with her husband, a group of volunteers moved into the crowd with microphones for the question-and-answer period. Vice President Dick Cheney (news – web sites) told supporters to look for the people with dark orange shirts. When Cheney paused as if searching for the […]

Saddam’s Sand Box

I have some photos of Iraqi jets being uncovered in the deserts of Iraq. They are Mig-25’s, and some seem to have been aquired after the Gulf War. You may have heard about them, but, maybe like me, you haven’t seen them. (Using some of my storage on another site, photos are byte hogs) I […]

Sweater Wearing Poodle

My question is what States will these ads be used? Sen. John Kerry is portrayed as a sweater-wearing poodle with a pink bow in an upcoming advertising campaign by the National Rifle Association, mocking his attempts to portray himself as friendly to gun sports and saying, “That dog don’t hunt.” “John Kerry says he supports […]

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