Daily Archives: September 17, 2004

Beating Rather and CBS

The National Review has a great article on how to beat Rather and CBS. All NC Bloggers need to contact your local station. Something simple and to the point. This is what I sent to WRAL, and plan on repeatedly sending till I recieve and answer. Dear WRAL: After witnessing the fiasco with Dan Rather, […]

DU Posting Rules

Reading the rules of the DU is very enlightening. For such a group of “enlightened” individuals, they sure have alot of rules against non-liberals/progressives. WHO IS WELCOME ON DEMOCRATIC UNDERGROUND, AND WHO IS NOT We ban conservative disruptors who are opposed to the broad goals of this website. If you think overall that George W. […]

Hurricane Blogging

Yes, hurricane blogging from Raleigh/Durham, NC. Obviously, nada compared to what others have gone through, but we are under Flaash Flood and Tornado watchs. We just had a tornado warning, and, according to doppler, the spot of the tornado, or at least the funnel cloud, slid just southeast of my place of business 10 minutes […]

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