Daily Archives: September 10, 2004

Always Remember

Please visit my favorite September 11th site, The 911 Digital Archive, and view America Attacked. I still mist up (at a minumum) when watching it.

No Iraq link to 9/11?

The House thinks there is, by the tune of 406-16. Nancy Pelosi voted Yea. Lefties at the Democratic Underground are pitching a fit (nothing new). Me, I am about to laugh a lung out. Not a wise idea to read DU stuff when you are sick 🙂

Hurricanes-the gusty ones

So, Alex, Bonnie, Charley, Frances, and Gaston. 5 for 8. Ivan’s track may very well take it through NC. And it is only September 10th. This is getting rediculous. Shoulda known something like this would happen, considering what a calm summer we had, at least by NC standards. Very few severe T-storm warnings, very few […]

The Fake Papers Fiasco

Still sick as a dog, so real quick. The media is starting to question the verasity of those documents, and the least they could do is give the Blogosphere the credit, particularly Powerline.

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