Daily Archives: September 15, 2004

Is this actually from the DU?

My asbestos suit is on: We need to drop the AWOL stuff….vi5 This isn’t swaying anyone. Even if all the documents and everyone else’s account is 100% true, this has been looked at before and was greeted with a collective shrug. I think after it was looked into when Michael Moore made his comment and […]

Support of Criminals

This seems to be so standard nowadays, where people come out in support of people who are criminals. Jarret Brown was arrested with several dozen pipe bombs. Has he been convicted yet? No. But he was caught with them. He is guilty. Period. And, apparently, people have started a website in support of him. Hello!: […]

Dan? It’s the Hill on line 1

Looks like Dan “Trust Me” Rather and the CallussBullShat network have attracted the eye of Congress, who are calling for an investigation. And well they should. Freedom of the Press is all fine and good, but, I don’t believe that lies are part of that Freedom. It was fantastic that the Blogosphere caught this, and […]

Blogging in Pajamas

You may have noticed the graphic to the right. Well, Suzy Rice has a nice little graphic for all us pajama bloggers. Quite frankly, I never wear pajamas, but sweats (when it is cold) and cotton athletic shorts qualify, I do believe. I normally post only when home, so I often am wearing something comfy […]

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