Is this actually from the DU?

My asbestos suit is on: We need to drop the AWOL stuff….vi5

This isn’t swaying anyone. Even if all the documents and everyone else’s account is 100% true, this has been looked at before and was greeted with a collective shrug. I think after it was looked into when Michael Moore made his comment and then Clark was asked about it in the debates that it was entirely appropriate since the media was getting all smarmy about Moore’s comment.

But at this point this looks totally like “me too” ism. “You went after Kerry’s record from 30 years ago so now we’re going to!” In the abstract that’s great. And yeah, it gets us all fired up to call him AWOL or a desserter and a coward. I love it, and want nothing more than for this to make all the undecideds go “Wow, what a scumbag he was!”. But I know that is not what is happening now, especially the way the media has handled it and eaten right out of the right wing’s hands.

But at this point it’s distracting from Kerry’s message on the economy, on Iraq, on Healthcare, and bush’s failings in general. And we all know there is a lot there to talk about. Do you think it’s any coincidence that the righ wing blogosphere and talk radio and tv pundits are trying to keep this alive?

I’m not happy that its this way and that people are being less swayed by our attacks on bush from 30 years ago than some may have been about the attacks on Kerry’s record from 30 years ago. But when something isn’t having traction and it’s distracting from a more important message, I think it’s time to move on. I mean honestly at this point what are people hoping happens? Do they think he’s going to be court marshalled? Impeached because of it? Or at this point are we just looking to embarrass him? I’m all in favor of any of those things, but the first two ain’t gonna happen and the last one, whether we want to admit it or not, is going to turn people off.

O.K. call me a bad dem, or a freeper, or a troll, or a conservative or tell me how many different ways I’m wrong. Or just ignore me.

A lefty who actually gets it. But, the others:

This story reinforces that. The Secretary will be used to attack Rather, but she comes laced with her damning criticism of Bush. This should not be dropped. We should hammer on Bush’s lies.

It’s the lying, (stupid).

bad dem, freeper troll and conservative: or you’ve hit saturation….Me, I’m all for all innuendo, rumours, gossip which so far leads to one thing “truth”…f*ck bush

Oh, well. And vi5 has at least one other post along the same lines. He is beating his (or her) head against a wall. The DU and the Left aren’t about common sense.

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