Worse then Rather

Well, not really. But maybe so. Worse then Kerry? Probably. Maybe. I don’t know. But the 2004-2005 NHL Season is done. Gone. Over. The Players Association and the Owners are so far apart that there is no room for discourse. I originally believed that we would have a lockout or strike, with hockey returning in January. I am of a mind that we will see no hockey this season. No close races down the stretch. No “second season.” No Cinderella’s. No Game 7’s. No raising of Lord Stanley’s Cup. As ESPN stated:

No shots, no saves, no goals. The National Hockey League locked out it’s players, threatening to keep the sport off the ice for the entire 2004-2005 season and perhaps beyond in an effort by management to gain massive economic change.

I like mine better. I like Baseball. I like Pro Football (not much for the college game, unless it is the ECU Pirates). Surfing. Lacrosse. And many other sports. But hockey is my first love, and my first sports passion. This lockout may very well kill the sport as we know it. Especially if there is no Stanley Cup Finals. How many beside the die-hard fans will come back? How many teams will survive? How many top players will return?

It’s over. No return of Scott Stevens. No Marty Brodeur (the best goalie in hockey.) No banter between Devils and Rangers fans, complaining of low attendence or no playoffs in 8 years.

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