Daily Archives: September 26, 2004

Quick Hits

Like Kerry and the Dems, the LA Times doesn’t get it. They aren’t internet ready. Authorities have made little progress worldwide in defeating Islamic extremists affiliated with Al Qaeda despite thwarting attacks and arresting high-profile figures, according to interviews with intelligence and law enforcement officials and outside experts. On the contrary, officials warn that the […]

Reality Check

The eminent John Hawkins of Right Wing News has a great article that not only shows Kerry’s flip flops, but puts them in perspective. Check it out here

It’s the Albatross

The Albatross is a gorgeous bird when it is flying. Majestic, magnificent, strong, and graceful. But when it attemps to land, or is on land, wow, just pathetic, which is really how it earned the nickname “Goony bird.” The Albatross was considered to be a harbinger of good luck to sailors, since they felt that […]

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